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Which Way Wednesday

This day started way too early, or the night decided to continue far longer than is reasonable.  I’m left with one of those days when my head feels three feet thick despite multiple cups of coffee,  my body moves as if it’s slogging through a swamp – forget about lightness and grace – just getting from Point A to Point B is a challenge (oh, the gym is going to be fun today – not).  It isn’t yet 7AM here…I could go back to sleep…nope, can’t do – too much java.  What to do?  Listen to JT…and pretend that the wind is blowing cool air, the pool isn’t a sickly green from algae that won’t leave (Andy insists I should pretend it’s a lake – but it looks radiated at the moment) and this isn’t a headache I have,  just the weight of too many ponderous thoughts…Let’s just go up on the roof.  Enjoy the music and don’t even think about relating to some of the hairstyles.

Which way Wednesday?  Whichever way you choose, I hope you choose to make it a good day..


38 thoughts on “Which Way Wednesday”

  1. Thank you Mimi. I think I haven’t heard him since the 70s, and it was good to see he’s still with us, even though it’s not really my choice in music. Hope the headache goes away… and that you will be able to enjoy the lake outside… Summer can be a great pleasure if you look at it the right way…

    1. I saw him in concert with Carole King a couple of years ago – and he sounds exactly the same (which I love)..Still have the headache, and am impressed that our pool can transform itself into something from a B sci-fi movie (it is easy to imagine The Blob rising up from its depths). Summer is a pleasure – sometimes headaches know no season – but all is well. I’m happy you stopped by – as always, Mimi

  2. Never tire of JT or his version of this song. Thanks for starting my day with this song and all the memories that accompany it. Hope by now, your day is on it’s way to perfection. xoxoxoxo

    1. Depends on one’s definition of perfection. I’m here, albeit with one eye closed cause that’s what migraines can do – but I’m happy, so it’s all good…xoxoxo

  3. Another love we share….I adore JT and had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a number of years ago in Virginia Beach. The joy of that night lingers to this day. May that nasty migraine be spirited away on Mr. Taylor’s dulcet tones. If you have access to any peppermint oil, rub a bit on your temples–can be an amazing antidote to a migraine. xoxoxo

    1. I saw him perform with Carole King two years ago and truly thought I was in heaven (note – Madison Square Garden is not heaven – but the music was heavenly)…Will definitely pick up some peppermint oil – thanks for the tip sweetheart!! I thought you were off for sea breezes and lobster rolls!!! xoxo

  4. That must have been INCREDIBLE! I’ve only seen those two together on TV and even that was magical. Good luck with the peppermint oil–I’ve also just dispatched a big ole dollop of love that’s heading your way, so get ready. 🙂 As for our outing, think it’s delayed. The weather’s taken a turn for the worse and they’re predicting t-storms throughout the day, 😦 so I think we’re going to postpone til the weekend. Be gentle with yourself today…..Hugs

    1. Whatever you do I hope it’s celebratory and wonderful – that’s what today is for…Have the peppermint oil and the Imitrex, but I’m trying your cure first…Off to a dark room for a little while…thanks for the big dollop of love – I feel better already! xox

    2. Oh darn – I forgot to acknowledge that yes it was one of the most incredible concerts..Carole’s voice is a little rougher, but her enthusiasm is off the charts. And she’s a little woman – in six inch heels for two plus hours!! They took turns, but took no break – playing with some of their original back up people. And I’m screaming “I LOVE YOU JAMES” like I was still in college. But so were a lot of other people, so I didn’t care…

  5. Migraines are brutal. I hope yours is on it’s way out. I’ve recently learned that it’s usually the change in temperature, humidity or barometric pressure that brings migraines on if it’s weather related. I don’t know about where you are but we have had lots of ups and downs with the weather here. JT is an excellent remedy. That and lots of water. Feel better, my friend.

    1. Thanks Mags (can I call you Mags, since Rhonda does and I love Rhonda and it’s very cute and spunky which I have a feeling you are?)…It’s definitely weather-related today. Some front is coming in or going out – the air is thick, thunder grumbles, etc…I’ll be fine – thanks so much! hugs, m

      1. rut roh…think i’ve gone and ruined it. Now I call you Mo. I like Mags too, but I think I love Mo better. get it? Mo better? haha. Hope your sweet head is better Mim.

  6. Mimi – today is our twin day, didn’t ya know? I absolutely LOVE JT and CK, but are you surprised? 🙂 I have only seen them together on TV, and twice was supposed to see JT in concert and thwarted both times. Sigh. I am so sorry for you migraine…I get them too, and just got over one that lasted 3 days…it wasn’t supposed to leave me and land on you, though! I hope you found a quiet, dark corner to escape to and heal. And…I was up until way too late…and then up waaaay too early, there wasn’t really a sleep last night [but quite a story!], so I too am slogging through this day, so know that you have a slogging sistah in sleepless solidarity. sending you hugs and a cool compress for that nasty head. xoxo

    1. Hey my sloggin’ sis – I’m sorry you’re having a tough day, and look forward to being able to respond with both of my eyes, instead of one closed. Tomorrow will be better – cool compress is en route to my head..xox

  7. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Mimi. Full moon tonight…..hmmmmm………and the weather is all over the place isn’t it? Go figure!
    HUGZ and “headache removing vibes” being sent your way.
    🙂 Lee

    1. They worked Lee – I knew you were a powerful kinda gal!!! Thank you – I even slept late – 6AM this morning (which is almost lunch time for me)…Feeling much better today…Hugs, m

  8. Ah one of those days… I hope tomorrow is a better one for you. I wasn’t able to make it to the gym this morning as usual and went this afternoon, it was an interesting experience. The gym was filled with people with disabilities in wheelchairs, walkers and such. I almost felt horrible that I could jog on the treadmill. It certainly made me think and be thankful…

    1. As difficult as that was, I also applaud them for going and trying to take care of their bodies (and their minds). I’m sure they felt more awkward than you…and yes, I too am thankful that you can jog on that treadmill my friend!

  9. My Wednesday was a great one spent most of it sitting here blogging and unlike today it has been such a busy day watching my granddaughter and going to see my nan…………

  10. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me at my best…but today is way better! Thank you for the pat on the musical back and the ‘bye’ on the writing..

  11. I read this post 3x. 2x yesterday and once today. And listening to JT 3x (yes, the math isn’t that difficult.) I find myself here…another blogger wrote – feel like I’ve just eaten a gallon of mashed potatoes and gravy and can’t get the wheels moving. I empathesize. Love the post. Love JT.

    1. I’m never quite sure that my choices are going to be well-received. But JT is just comfort food without calories..I hope your head clears and you wheels begin their rotation…Have a slow-to-start-but-ultimately-great day..

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