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I’m Not Knocking Pigeons, But…

(picture courtesy of The Story People)


I have said that there are days when you’re the statue and days when you’re the pigeon (well, someone else said it first really).  And then there are days when the pigeons are just taking this adage way too literally and the universe is taking this way too figuratively.


I left for the gym this morning and no sooner had I backed out of the garage, my windshield was graced with avian poo.  Ok, I can be happy with the knowledge that this bird’s digestive system appears to be in working order and that my windshield washer fluid levels were high.  Dawn was breaking, NPR ‘s morning report was on and the air was clear.  Not two minutes later – I am gifted yet again with another token from the bird community.  I look up – nothing there.  I am not amused.  No matter – washer  fluid works, wipers wipe – all is right with the world.  Let’s cut to the chase – there were three more presents waiting for me when I left the gym.  Really?  Is there a sign on my car that is legible only to winged creatures that says “Restroom”?  I’m not gonna lie – this was a bit irritating.  And worse, not one of these visitors was around to own their disregard for my little white car that had just been washed two days earlier.  Well fine, I can take a joke and as long as nothing had dropped directly on my head, I guess it was just my turn.


And I guess that’s my point – sometimes it’s just our turn.  It doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong nor does it mean that this is divine retribution for some error along the way.  I can’t take karma to the point where each of us is responsible for all the good and bad things that happen in our life.  I don’t subscribe to the view that we are in a perpetual state of uncertainty, fearing that the universe is going to teach us lessons of such profound pain and awfulness.  I do believe that what you give out into the world can come back to you in manifold ways if you keep your heart and eyes open.  I also believe that some days just, well, suck.  I don’t blame karma for that.  I call that life.  I don’t consider it karma that I’ve got some physical stuff that I deal with that occasionally kicks me to the curb – I consider that my roll in the barrel.  And given that we all get a roll in the barrel, I’ll take mine thank you very much.  And I can hope that yours is manageable and short-lived.


So anyway, I hope today you’re the pigeon, or goose, or hawk or whatever you choose to be that flies high.  But please, when nature calls, be careful where you aim.


Birds in a row
Birds in a row (Photo credit: The Wren Design)