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Which Way Wednesday

This day started way too early, or the night decided to continue far longer than is reasonable.  I’m left with one of those days when my head feels three feet thick despite multiple cups of coffee,  my body moves as if it’s slogging through a swamp – forget about lightness and grace – just getting from Point A to Point B is a challenge (oh, the gym is going to be fun today – not).  It isn’t yet 7AM here…I could go back to sleep…nope, can’t do – too much java.  What to do?  Listen to JT…and pretend that the wind is blowing cool air, the pool isn’t a sickly green from algae that won’t leave (Andy insists I should pretend it’s a lake – but it looks radiated at the moment) and this isn’t a headache I have,  just the weight of too many ponderous thoughts…Let’s just go up on the roof.  Enjoy the music and don’t even think about relating to some of the hairstyles.

Which way Wednesday?  Whichever way you choose, I hope you choose to make it a good day..