About Me

What do I want to tell you?  I guess the same thing I say to everyone – the karma truck rolls up everyone’s driveway.  Believe me.  You may not be there to see it, you may never know it arrived definitively – but it’s on the road and it has the correct address.   At the risk of sounding terribly hokey, you have to trust in the universe, God, Lou – whoever.  That truck is on a mission and it hasn’t missed a delivery yet.

With 30 years of HR experience, I recently retired as a CHRO in a professional services firm.  I’m now a consultant and speaker providing resources and support in areas ranging from training and development, diversity, strategic management and out-of-the-box organizational problem solving.  I’m also writing a bit on these topics and a few others that tangentially apply.

Three fantastic sons, one adored husband.  Great gifts, yes?  I’ve had some shitty karmic deliveries too – we’ll get to those.  Lessons from life, work, relationships and examining the values that one should never compromise.   I’m hangin’ out on the porch waiting for the karma truck and thought you might want to have a cup of coffee with me.


From 2011 until you hear otherwise from me, unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner (both of them are me) is strictly prohibited. Don’t make me put you in time out.


211 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’m hopping right on…as where you go, I go…can’t wait to soak up all of your words of wisdom, thoughts and meanderings!

  2. My friend I would have a cup of coffee with you any day! I’m so pleased, and so proud, that you’ve started this creative journey. I’ve waited alone many times to see what the karma truck was going to deliver. I’m so happy for your company while I wait…


  3. I’m hooked, I can’t wait to read more……….I like your shortness, it makes so, hmmm, what’s that word? oh, yeah, PERKY!……..D

  4. If you keep your hands behind your back, it will throw your balance off…….yet another one of the changes I’ve noticed now that I’m closer to 60 than to 50?……..D

  5. I was sent her by Jo Shomberg, she said we have a lot in common! I just had a children’s series published that is aimed to teach children exactly what you’re talking about. How I wish I would have known about karma and the way universal laws work when I was a kid. Anyway, I’ll follow your blog and please feel free to check out mine: http://www.gmlmseries.wordpress.com

    I love the way you connect; makes me want to come back 🙂

  6. CONGRATULATIONS, MIMI!!! You were just nominated as a Health Demystified MVP, and recently inducted into the ultra-exclusive, hard-to-get-into, super-cool Health Demystified MVP Club.

    This award is bestowed upon only the most ardent supporters and leaders of the Health Demystified community, and it signifies that you are a significant contributor to the healing of humanity, and that you are an inspiring and radiant person that will leave a major mark on the human race forever.

    Thank you and congratulations,


  7. Since we share the MVP title from Eric, I was able to find out about your blog!! Where have I’ve been hiding in blog world?! I can’t wait to check out more and of course…feel free to peek at mine! 😉

  8. Mimijk, thanks for taking time out to visit my blog and the like on aging gracefully. Anything to help us laugh at ourselves as we all go through the process. I am sitting here with my own cuppa, enjoying your point of view. Love Thursday’s Promise..what a great way to start the day. Thanks

    1. I’m with you Rhonda – I love your blog and look forward to following you! I’m glad you’re enjoying what I’ve written and love the idea of you sitting with a cuppa and taking in the day..Thank you!

  9. Welcome and I’m glad you chosen to come along for the ride. I’m still a blogging infant, well perhaps a toddler taking first steps. So far, am loving the journey, more so with each new friend. Thanks

    1. I’m relatively new to this too – I started in mid-January…I am so awed by the talent that is out there. It delights me and sometimes makes me feel insecure about posting. But I hope to keep at it, and more importantly I’m glad to have found a new friend…

      1. I felt the same, intimidated, but what changed that was just how supportive this community is. It’s inspiring really. So, just go for it, and wait for the friends to stop by for coffee, new ones everyday. 🙂

      2. Thank you Rhonda – I needed that encouragement today. I appreciate having ‘met’ you today – you are an unexpected gift..:-)

      3. Thanks for sharing that smile of yours with me also! I’m always here, ready to share mine…so pop in any time and we’ll have a cuppa together.

  10. Glad you stopped by today Mimi…and glad you liked the shower head! Hope your day has been a good one so far. Welcoming Fridays yes?

    1. I have to tell you I was sitting at the hairdresser when I read your post, and was laughing so loud I had to read it to her. I too have brilliant thoughts in the shower – and forget them before I even get moisturizer on!! Brilliant!

  11. so you agree? we HAVE to have a shower secretary yes? fingers crossed that one of the brilliant minds that spread their wares all over wordpress can come up with SOMETHING!!! it’s killing me! Funny about sharing w/your hairdresser. LOL

    1. Totally agree!!! Although it better be a techno-secretary, because if anyone suggests that I just invite someone into the bathroom to take dictation while I shower, I don’t think I could do it – and I’d scare the hell out of the poor soul. 🙂

      1. Can’t argue with that one. I won’t even lest Husband open the DOOR and we’ve been married 30 years! Maybe something robotic is just the ticket.
        Our own R2 D2 only we’ll call him R U JOKG?

      2. Precisely! At least until my husband offers his opinion about the propriety of it all…after he laughs that is…

  12. Hey mimijk,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing Mother’s Day with me. Glad you liked Cleo and Julius. I’m thrilled knowing I’ll have another to follow. Hope you are having a GREAT Mom’s Day.

  13. You caught before I could get here and tell you exactly what I mean! Newest maybe…long lasting? absolutely. I treasure your comments, but knowing you are now part of my life has been worth the 50 year wait. Thank you Mim…so much

      1. Is there somewhere we can have a private word? FB or email perhaps…I have something I need to discuss with you briefly

    1. Will do so tomorrow at some point. But yes, I’d be happy to read your book and promise you my honest critique. Thank you for thinking of me.

  14. Thank you for liking my post. I love your attitude. Yes , I believe in God. I believe in Karma!! I need to follow your blog…have a super day. 🙂 Renee

  15. though I’ve had quite a bit of experience, it is always very special to meet someone new… and all the more so, when you discover that he or she likes some of the same things, that you do too. I’ve just met you now, and am looking at some of your past posts… and seeing things… and just wanted to say, it’s such a pleasure meeting you… may we always be close to perfect… an inspiration to one another… and charmed by what we have received.

    1. Hello my new friend! I felt similarly when I read your posts… A kindred spirit in the ether of the cyber world. Please forgive my brevity, I am typing on my phone without the benefit of my glasses, but I wanted to respond to your kindness immediately. I look forward to more such conversations…

  16. Yay coffee!! I couldn’t love your blog more. So, I nominated you for 4 awards!! newsofthetimes.org/2012/06/15/thank-yous-and-appreciation-an-embarassment-of-riches/ Do with these whatever feels right. Thanks for a fantastic blog!!

    1. Are you kidding?! I’m so happy you like the blog, and truly appreciative of your awards. I will honor them and you when we get back into town on Monday..thank you so much!

  17. Found my way to your blog through Newsofthetimes’ recommendation. Very glad I did. Am also a mother of sons having done several tours of duty in law firms and recently decided to redress some imbalances. Very much looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi and thank you! Can’t wait to look for your blog when I get back home (we’re out of town for the weekend)!! I’m so glad you like the blog so far!

  18. Have very lightly perused your blog and like it already for two reasons: I hate the telephone two and my name is Lou (LouAnn–but a lot of people call me Lou). I am now a “follower” and will be back for many a visit. Found you through a post from–can’t remember–will look it up and be back.

    1. Hi Lou – what a great name!!! And I’m so glad you’ve come to visit. Thank you for commenting and enjoying the blog – I hope not to disappoint!!

  19. Dear mimijk,
    the title of your blog already contains so much truth that it is a joy to continue reading about your view of the world. Thank you for being out there, somewhere in the world, being a real person who shares their thoughts and inspires me to move further in my own direction…

    1. I just read a few of your posts and they’re terrific!! Keep going…I’m only into this six months, but it has enriched and enhanced my life tremendously. I know you will find it equally rewarding. Thank you so much for stopping by – and enjoying what you’ve read! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your feedback, yes, I will continue and I doo agree, the blogging is extremely rewarding, especially to meet so many like minded people – all the best.

    1. Thank you my friend – though I hesitate to believe that I inspire – tease you? yes…:-) I am really touched that you would nominate me – and that I mean very seriously..

      1. Upon further reflection, if the unspoken addendum to this is ‘so as I say not as I do’, then I think she must be a genius. 🙂

      2. Well thank you for that visual! 🙂 I was balancing these two somewhat conflicting pleasures with grace until you went ahead and wrote this…

    1. Wow Jenni – thank you so, so much!! I am playing Nurse Nancy for my husband today, but I will respond as soon as I can!!! And you ARE inspiring – that award was made for you!

      1. Oh no!!! I hope it is nothing serious. I hate it when life gets in the way of blogging! 😉 I know you know how much I appreciate your work – it feeds my soul and I miss it if I miss a day! Thank you for that. I hope all is OK with your sweet hubby.

      2. He’s fine – thanks – a scope of his knee and a repair of a ligament tear..He’s being feted with meals in bed, HBO is on the tv and he’s dozing without any real discomfort so I’d say all is well…:-)

  20. Hi ‘Twinkie’. Okay. I did get a video on my blog, tried a couple things and it didn’t work. I actually just ‘copy and paste’ the link when I went to You tube to find the song I wanted. I don’t know if that is the right way, it worked! Thanks. Have a super day. Renee 🙂

  21. Hi, Mimi. I like thinking of the Creative Force in the Universe as Lou. Sometimes I call Her Madge. So lovely of you to visit my site and decide to follow along. I’m looking forward to catching your Karma bus and taking a tour.

    1. Oh Twink!! I was going to write about the inspiring blogger award today! This is an embarrassment of riches..really – thank you so so much!! hugs and hugs, m

    1. I wrote you on your post Dave..thank you so much..I will of course accept because I am honored to be your friend, and am one of your greatest fans..but today is about celebrating you, ok?

      1. Well if one looked at the time stamp, I think I have a few more hours to complete the twenty four required to comprise a day in the truest sense. 🙂 But I hear you David..I hear you..;-)

    1. Thank you so much Laurie!! I am touched and flattered and honored to be part of such an illustrious group!!

  22. Thank you for finding things that we poets at ourpoetrycorner.wordpress.com, and my new work at bythemightymumford.wordpress.com, to Like! Ron and I both appreciate your professional and blogging opinion! Happy Black Friday (with a poem posted to go along with it, at either of the above blogs)! Spend enough to be happy. Best regards—-Jonathan Caswell, “humble” poet.

    1. Hi Vicky! I’m so happy you’ve got your coffee..Please bear with me while I figure out how to do some maintenance on the truck! So glad you’re here!

      1. Yep makes you happy when you see it, just a good vibe like following the ice cream truck, which makes everyone happy…in this case it’s karma! Original URL which you don’t see much anymore because it is so tough to find an original and cool URL. Well done! 🙂

  23. hey hey–I like 🙂 Stopping by to thank you for ambling over to Blog o’Funny Names for foodforfun’s Gesine B-P post. Finding an awesome blog here. Love your take on life. Karma truck, indeed. Nice to meet ya’.

  24. I so believe in karma–it’s the real law, not the one man makes, but those are important too–and sometimes a little hokey!! Your blog is great, and you are such an intelligent, upbeat–but still real!–writer. I have added your lorry to my blog fleet!! (blogroll, hehe) I came by to wish you well this Mom’s Day, and know you are being feted & treated! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much!! I too am now an avid follower of your blog, delighting in your words and thoughts and marveling at how you put it all together so beautifully (let’s not even talk about your technical expertise – just blows my barely functional mind)!! Thank you for the happy wishes – it was a lovely day…!

  25. What a great title! And concept for a blog, life philosophy . . . Love your description of the karma truck.

  26. Hi, I’m still cleaning up the remains of the Karma Truck delivery…in position to move on!! Looking forward to reading more. Namaste, mary

  27. I LOVE the idea of “the karma truck”

    You know, I feel that I found you right on time. I mean, I know my life is full of lots of beautiful miracles and that the truck does make small deliveries now and again, which I am so grateful for…. But I’m certainly on the porch waiting for the next big shipment. I feel as though I have outgrown many things in my life and am waiting for karma to bring the thing I didn’t even know I wanted….. I mean don’t get me wrong, I plan I take action….but one thing karma has taught me again and again is its always a surprise. So I too am waiting for the karma truck.

    Hope you have a great day and I look forward to following your blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled that you’ve come along for the ride! One thing I believe with certainty (as you can probably tell ;-)) – the karma truck rolls up everyone’s driveway, and the contents of the delivery has a lot to do with the actions we take…the rest of course is up to powers far greater than our own. Have a wonderful day!

  28. Mimi, I saw this recently and thought of you. So many times as a leader I reflect on your teachings and I am so very thankful to have them in my toolbox. Thanks for the Lollipop and for the ones I’ve received because of you 🙂

    1. Hi Vivia..you have moved me to tears..I am truly humbled and honored to be thought of at the same time that you watched this – thank you so very much.

  29. Mimi, you have a way of making the reader feel they have just shared a cup of coffee or tea with you. You share your life and thoughts so easily and I am in awe of your commenters and followers. They are an awesome crowd of supportive fans!

    1. I am as blown away by the phenomenal people who read this blog as you are – they are so giving and smart and funny and generous and amazing. If you feel like we’re just having a cup of coffee or tea together, then I have succeeded. 🙂

  30. Hi Mimi, so glad to stumble on your blog! Loving it so far…but not surprised. You are such a thoughtful and creative person. Looking forward to being inspired and learning from you! All the best!

  31. Hello Mimi … As a new blogger, I echo Jodi’s comments on stumbling into your blog this evening. It seems that I have been doing a fair amount of that lately as I struggle to learn more and more about the blogging etiquette and how to work my own new site. It has been fun so far though, and discovering blogs such as yours are a lot like putting on a favorite pair of slippers and sitting by the fire with that cup of java you refer to so often as I read and learn. Thank you for sharing …

    1. Hi there and welcome! You’ve made my morning – for that is the sole purpose of this blog – grab a cup of coffee and just sit by the fire for a little while…I’m really glad you’re here and look forward to checking out your blog! mimi

  32. Thanks for the virtual coffee; I’m enjoying my visit here! I have resolved that this year I’ll comment every day on a different blog that focuses on positivity and kindness, while keeping a list of my travels on my own blog. I came here by way of The Presents of Presence, and am glad I did! Your posts are inspiring and full of valuable life lessons, and “karma truck” gave me a mental image of happy little kids gathering up a handful of coins and running out to the ice cream truck when they hear the music.

  33. I take sugar-free french vanilla and a dash of truvia. I’d love to sit, chat and do coffee. You sound like an honest, funny and candid lady. I can already see us exchanging life stories on the front porch with our coffee and cookies (can we have cookies too?). So thank you for the invite and I look forward to lovely cafe-ladden chats.
    great blog by the way…

    1. Hi AnnMarie – so happy you came by and look forward to visits whenever you can make it. Coffee will be hot (or tea if you prefer), and conversation will be flowing. You’re always welcome! mimi

      1. Thank you. I’m sipping coffee right now as I bog away this rainy sunday morning. My nieces and nephews call me Mimi because none of them could pronounce Aunt AnnMarie when they were toddlers and it stuck – great name 🙂
        ps Thanks ever so much for visiting my little corner of blogworld

      2. It was a delight to visit your blog – and intend to stop by often! It’s funny – I already told me kids that should they have children, my grandkids are not to call me Mimi – it would just feel too weird. So we’ve settled on G.G. – abbreviation for ‘great grandma’. we’ll see if that sticks. 😉

  34. Well. I got hit by the karma truck, it was packing a full load. On the other hand, my good choices did matter, that is the beauty of karma. Thank you for following my blog, I love yours and look forward to reading many a post here.

    1. I’m not sure I like the sounds of a full load of karma in one delivery – I hope all is ok. Thank you for stopping by – so glad you’re here!

    1. Thank you Karen and Iggy – I love you two and look forward to reading your about your days. I appreciate the generosity of your praise for my blog – not sure I deserve it, but I am grateful nonetheless…thank you!

    1. Thank you SO much…I appreciate the award more than you know, although I must admit about following the rules. I try to pay it forward to my fellow bloggers in different ways – as I will to you…Thank you again and send my love to Iggy..

    1. Happy Thanksgiving – and please know how thankful I am for you and your note. I was quite ill at this time last year and the recovery has been slow. But I’m fine and am going to return to the blog I think over the weekend…I hope you have a glorious holiday..xo

      1. Sending you healing hugs Mimi! I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were ill but I hope you’re healing quickly! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you can look forward to blogging again (because we’ve missed you and your Karma truck) and because I’m hoping we can celebrate that you’re feeling better xoxo

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