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A Tiny Pause For A Big Thank You

If you have never visited the site of – I enthusiastically encourage you to do so.  Dr. Bill provides me with a daily dose of thought-provoking quotes paired with amazing pictures that enhance the inspirational impact of his posts.  He was kind enough to include me in his list of Sunshine Bloggers, and I am very appreciative.  Rather than respond to the questions – for which I still haven’t answers, I am excited to once again acknowledge some blogs which I now routinely visit.  I’m trying not to repeat the names of ‘old friends’ (six months being the definition of ‘old’); I trust you know how much I think of your writing, your heart and your humor.

First and foremost there’s – She included me in a game of tag, and I think I’m still ‘it’.  I may be a failure at the game, but kizzylee hits it out of the park every time she shares her perspective on life and family, challenges and joy.  I think she writes as she must speak – fluid stream of consciousness that is a joy to follow. – Joanna doesn’t ignore the tough stuff, she just refuses to give it any power over her approach to life.  She has amazed me with her writing, but also on a personal level with her knowledge of me (without ever having met or spoken with me).  She shares her gifts with heartfelt generosity – I am but a lucky recipient.  You will leave her blog always the better for having visited. – Bonnie calls it as she sees it – but always with a smile on her face and in her blog.  I am a relatively ‘new’ visitor, but am thrilled that I have made the connection!  You will be too. – Russ makes me want to be a better person.  Don’t ask me how he does it – it’s just reflective of who he is.  Genuine, funny, deeply caring, observant…I could go on, but I’ll sound like a mush (ok, I am a mush).  Russ is a grateful man; he is also an amazing one. – I think many of you already know Ivon’s beautiful work and equally impressive photography.  If you have not had the delight of reading his blog, please visit – you’ll be so glad you did. – I found this site through – and I am continually amazed at Susan’s talent and her prodigious ability to make words leap into your heart or challenge your perspective. – The most amazing images from an amazing talent (who is so self-effacing she doesn’t even realizes how talented she is)…You’ll be awed – and she’s self-taught!!

There are more, but I want to save some up just in case I get lucky again and get to share more with my friends.  Thank you again and have a superlative Sunday!