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Heading Outta Dodge

Tomorrow morning, the eight of us head for the hills – well, the Shenandoah Mountains actually.  Our annual summer getaway is upon us and I can’t wait to have the boys and their ladies with us for a few days.  We try to pick a place that doesn’t kill a day on travel, since it’s  four/five short days wrapped around a weekend.  We’re renting a house overlooking one of the golf courses (where much small money gambling and large trash-talking dialogues will occur a few times while we’re there).  I’ve got facials booked for all the girls (not that any of them have anything other than perfect faces, but they all work so damn hard, that this mama bear thinks a little pampering is in order).  Some pool time, couple time, mountain time, perhaps a zip-lining expedition for the more intrepid members of the pack – a not unreasonable amount of wine, laughter and room for everyone to just be.  We’re a pretty laid back group – no rules, no requirements – other than to kick back and enjoy the view.

So chances are you’ll hear from me, but perhaps not every morning.  I’m even going to try to take some pictures (which in and of itself is a particularly scary prospect).  But  more than anything I am going to take in the deliciousness of being with my family.  As corny as it sounds, I covet this time fiercely – and anticipate our getaways all year-long (and this excitement comes from a mom who has two of her three living within fifteen minutes of our house – yes, I am a bit nutty).  So enjoy the rest of your week and weekend..and as much as I look forward to going, I look forward to regaling you with more tales from the karma truck once it makes its way to points not yet seen.

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5:15 AM & Almost As Inspired As David


I want to thank Ivon Prefontaine (  and David Kanigan ( for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  The irony of course is that David’s blog has inspired me from the first day I started blogging six months ago, and Ivon has been a recent, delightful and thought-provoking discovery.  That either finds me worthy of being in this category is super-surprising to me.  I don’t think I’m in their league, though like a persistent, pain-in-the-butt sibling, I keep knocking on the door… And then David whispers through the door “what’s the password”, I say “please?” and he laughs…Seriously, thank you both very, very much..

Ok, seven things about me that you don’t know…

1.  I’ve got a safari on my bucket list.  My sister is going on my fantasy trip next year, and I’m totally pumped for her.  And a little jealous too.

2.  I’ve got a lot of places I want to see – and I’m embarrassed to say that many of them are within the US.  It’s strange to talk about seeing other countries when you haven’t even seen your own.  Road trip anyone?

3.  I can cry just thinking about the music from “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr…”Dahling, I was looking up…”…let’s not even talk about the last five minutes of any rom-com, drama, cartoon or action movie.  This makes me a lousy movie date.

4.  But I’m a cheap date – which doesn’t mean I can be had.  Well, if you asked my husband..

5.  Andy and I are coming up on our 20th anniversary – which I will write about later.  Given that this wasn’t either of our first trips down the aisle, I’d say it’s an impressive number.  More importantly, I’d say we have at least another forty or fifty to go…

6.  Yes, as the admission above suggests, I plan on sticking around for a long time

7.  I have never been as transparent with my thoughts as I have within this community.


So…hoo’s next??  (Sorry I couldn’t resist and was looking for a chance to use this picture)…

I am hoping to list blogs that I have not written about before.  This is the fun part…Here are seven more blogs I find inspiring, rewarding, funny, thoughtful and rife with talent… – Anake posts incredible images and music – I anticipate each post with curiosity and enthusiasm – she is a hoot and very’ll read her and understand why.. – Maureen’s journey is honest, open and welcoming.  You can feel her heart in her words, and I just love that. – Lee is amazing – smart, frank and so full of life she practically jumps off the page. – Suzanne is a talented photographer, sharing pictures that delight and remind us of the wonder all around. – I delight in the stories of day-to-day life with two very active, curious and gorgeous little boys as seen through the eyes of their adoring, busy and on-the-move mom.  You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy her posts and pictures! – Jenni is provocative, engaging and challenges her readers to think and engage in a dialogue about timely news making issues and topics.  I may not always add my two cents, but I will always read her perspective (and those of her followers) with interest.

My thanks again to David and Ivon – I make no promises, but will try to get close to the bar you have set..