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Sittin’ Back Sunday



This weekend has been full of  disconnected moments – and a quick snapshot is all I can offer because each is too big standing on its own.

A dear, special friend returning after a three-year silence, that has been full of so much loss and pain and sorrow it devastates me to think I wasn’t allowed in for all that time.  Yet sitting in the kitchen for hours, we moved so quickly back in time.  Welcome home, I’ve missed you.

Wonderful new friends returning from memories made with their families, ensuring that this too will be a summer remembered.  May those moments be forever etched in your hearts.

Incredible people straddling two chapters in their lives – the one that is about to end and the one that is waiting to be started.  Let it be breathless and gorgeous and all that you deserve.

A young woman celebrating her impending wedding with her amazing stepmother and sisters, and adoring friends – all who love her despite her Bridezilla moments.  Remember to laugh and let go – it’s not about anything if it’s not about love.

The connection between two people that prompts them to check in ‘just because’.  How can anyone begin to understand wavelengths like that?  I am reminded daily that the best things defy explanation.

Too many political diatribes about the senior population defined as anyone “55 or older” – this means I’m a senior.  I reject this completely…well ok…. if I can’t reject it completely, I am now a constituency of one called the ‘junior senior’ cause I’m just not ready for anything else.   Oh – anyone is welcome to join.  I intend to be an old woman some day.

And as the rain begins to pummel the skylights, I think a little easy listening is in order to get all of us ready for whatever tomorrow holds.  Hey big guy, this is for you.