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And One More For The Blue Moon

Tonight’s the night…a blue moon.  So I would be remiss if I didn’t end today with a song just dedicated to the man in the moon…

27 thoughts on “And One More For The Blue Moon”

  1. I’m channeling my mom, smiling and swooning. Thanks my friend for the unexpected smile and warm fuzzy in my heart.

    1. Much love to you Jo…and it brought back memories for me parents dancing in the cutting in to stand on my dad’s toes..xoxo

  2. I had to look up what actually was meant by a ‘blue moon’ so you have increased my eduction (albeit that there are a couple of different interpretations). In my studies I discovered that 31 December 2028 will be both a blue moon AND a total lunar eclipse, so that will be an event worth waiting for.
    Thanks for the song 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, so dreamy!

    I took out the trash late last night, [trust me this relates.. 🙂 ] and while out in the darkness…warm summer night and alone for a few seconds…I looked up and saw the full moon and remembered a post that Paula over at Stuff I Tell My Sister did on the moon recently, and thought about how it’s one thing that can put us all on the same page. Ps…I used to dance on my dad’s toes too…on his wingtip shoes. Sweet memory 🙂 xo

    1. And I bet you knew your dad was the best dancer in the world…love the visual of dads and daughters dancing (so to speak)…And you’re right – we all look up at the moon at night (whenever our night may be) with awe, and peace and wistfulness. It connects us though it’s so far away..xo

  4. A wounderful night for a moon dance!
    Great song .thanks for posting , but miss Allie is in NY and I am in ma. Grrr.

  5. It made me smile, Mimi. I noticed a couple of replies referring to parents and Dean Martin is one of my Mom’s favourites. We just got back from her 88th birthday. It was a nice reminder. Thank you.


    1. Happy Birthday to your mom!! How wonderful that you still enjoy birthdays together!! My dad loved Dean Martin too – he really was a crooner. I’m glad it brought a smile to you.

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