This post is self-explanatory and vitally important…I’m reblogging it because the more people who read this the better…


  1. Thank you so very much for reblogging this post. It’s obvious by your own message that you realize how important this is and your passion shines through your words.

    We appreciate you so much and your request that others reblog on is the only way this could work.
    We hope you’ll be a regular supporter.

    Thanks again so much ~ BB & G frrom Bring Them Home

      • I know you mean it. Can feel your passion in each word. It is people like you who will make this project a reality. By you doing your part and asking your readers to reblog can you imagine the eyes that will see these babies photos? The power of the people using the frontier of the new press.

        You’re an angel disguised as a blogger but we know the truth. ~ BB & G.

      • You’ve moved me to tears BB&G – and if there are angels around us, you are most assuredly one. big hugs and big hopes that you are feeling well, m

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