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Heading Outta Dodge

Tomorrow morning, the eight of us head for the hills – well, the Shenandoah Mountains actually.  Our annual summer getaway is upon us and I can’t wait to have the boys and their ladies with us for a few days.  We try to pick a place that doesn’t kill a day on travel, since it’s  four/five short days wrapped around a weekend.  We’re renting a house overlooking one of the golf courses (where much small money gambling and large trash-talking dialogues will occur a few times while we’re there).  I’ve got facials booked for all the girls (not that any of them have anything other than perfect faces, but they all work so damn hard, that this mama bear thinks a little pampering is in order).  Some pool time, couple time, mountain time, perhaps a zip-lining expedition for the more intrepid members of the pack – a not unreasonable amount of wine, laughter and room for everyone to just be.  We’re a pretty laid back group – no rules, no requirements – other than to kick back and enjoy the view.

So chances are you’ll hear from me, but perhaps not every morning.  I’m even going to try to take some pictures (which in and of itself is a particularly scary prospect).  But  more than anything I am going to take in the deliciousness of being with my family.  As corny as it sounds, I covet this time fiercely – and anticipate our getaways all year-long (and this excitement comes from a mom who has two of her three living within fifteen minutes of our house – yes, I am a bit nutty).  So enjoy the rest of your week and weekend..and as much as I look forward to going, I look forward to regaling you with more tales from the karma truck once it makes its way to points not yet seen.


45 thoughts on “Heading Outta Dodge”

  1. that sounds so lovely, i know you will have a gorgeous time, i shall look forward to reading your next post telling how wonderful it is, have an excellent time my lovely xx

  2. LOVE this!! Your time away sounds superb, divine, perfect…there is nothing corny about it, not one bit! I love the Shenandoah mountains – we got there once when your zip code was our zip code, which brings me to the zip line, I hope you try it! We went earlier this summer and it’s such a rush 🙂 And your son’s girls’ are lucky to have such a fiercely loving mama bear! Roar on! Have a freakishly good time, and leave no wine behind! xoxo

    1. That’s the plan Bonnie!!! I still can’t believe we were in the same zip code..Just flips me out. Anyway, off I go to do a little pre-departure packing which will turn into furious last minute packing as I remember all the things I was supposed to take as we’re heading out the door in the morning! Is it cocktail hour yet? xox

      1. I can’t either…we were just a few miles apart…who knew! We might not have moved back if I’d found you then! 🙂 Happy should take the shoes I posted today…haha! Totally kidding…they would be certain to cause harm, especially with the wine! It’s always 5 o clock’re closer to that than me! happy times my friend! xoxo

  3. May all your moments be memorable. Enjoy the adventure – can’t wait to hear about the journey. Love to the family and, of course, to the mama bear.

    1. Everyone on this end sends their love Jo – mama bear most of all of course…Will talk when I get back (and I’ll be checking in on email too)..xox

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to ‘forgetting the world’ for a little world, and getting to know the world from a different perspective. Glad you liked the music – I’m showing my age, but I always loved that song..

  4. Whether you’re wine-ing or facial-ing or simply be-ing …sink up every second in the joy If family and the beauty of the setting. As your quote reminded us…we already have everything!

    I’ll see you when you get back from ‘heaven’!

    1. Thanks Russ – we’re here with our youngest and his girlfriend. The other two and their wives arrive later tonight..There is nothing more wonderful for me than having everyone together..

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