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A Tiny Pause For A Big Thank You

If you have never visited the site of – I enthusiastically encourage you to do so.  Dr. Bill provides me with a daily dose of thought-provoking quotes paired with amazing pictures that enhance the inspirational impact of his posts.  He was kind enough to include me in his list of Sunshine Bloggers, and I am very appreciative.  Rather than respond to the questions – for which I still haven’t answers, I am excited to once again acknowledge some blogs which I now routinely visit.  I’m trying not to repeat the names of ‘old friends’ (six months being the definition of ‘old’); I trust you know how much I think of your writing, your heart and your humor.

First and foremost there’s – She included me in a game of tag, and I think I’m still ‘it’.  I may be a failure at the game, but kizzylee hits it out of the park every time she shares her perspective on life and family, challenges and joy.  I think she writes as she must speak – fluid stream of consciousness that is a joy to follow. – Joanna doesn’t ignore the tough stuff, she just refuses to give it any power over her approach to life.  She has amazed me with her writing, but also on a personal level with her knowledge of me (without ever having met or spoken with me).  She shares her gifts with heartfelt generosity – I am but a lucky recipient.  You will leave her blog always the better for having visited. – Bonnie calls it as she sees it – but always with a smile on her face and in her blog.  I am a relatively ‘new’ visitor, but am thrilled that I have made the connection!  You will be too. – Russ makes me want to be a better person.  Don’t ask me how he does it – it’s just reflective of who he is.  Genuine, funny, deeply caring, observant…I could go on, but I’ll sound like a mush (ok, I am a mush).  Russ is a grateful man; he is also an amazing one. – I think many of you already know Ivon’s beautiful work and equally impressive photography.  If you have not had the delight of reading his blog, please visit – you’ll be so glad you did. – I found this site through – and I am continually amazed at Susan’s talent and her prodigious ability to make words leap into your heart or challenge your perspective. – The most amazing images from an amazing talent (who is so self-effacing she doesn’t even realizes how talented she is)…You’ll be awed – and she’s self-taught!!

There are more, but I want to save some up just in case I get lucky again and get to share more with my friends.  Thank you again and have a superlative Sunday!



37 thoughts on “A Tiny Pause For A Big Thank You”

  1. Yay Yay for you, Sunshine is what you DO! And I love every one of your nominees…yes people, if you don’t know them…RUN…they are AWESOME! Congrats Mim!

  2. Congratulations Mimi. YOU do shine!! You do deserve every award that comes your way. Good for you!! Have an awesome Sunday. 🙂 Renee

    1. Thank you for telling me Shimon – I have heard from most of the people that I had listed, and none told me that their addresses were incorrect. I will go back and write to each one.

  3. Congrats, Mimi, more accolades flow to a fabulous blogger and special friend. And as Tina mentioned, thx so much for all the tips on other special blogs to check out!

  4. After I saw your cookie eating ppicture. I have to be a friend and remind you about the karma associated with that action. If you eat the cookie, you will be the cookie:)

  5. oh mim my lovely friend thank you for saying such lovely things about me i really appreciate your friendship , my only problem is something has gone wrong with my messages i didnt even know until now you have made this post! i wondered what was wrong earlier because i only had a few messages when normally i am snowed under with them, so i am very sorry i didnt realise til now that this post was here, i feel awful but i know you and your loveliness will tell me to get a grip 🙂 glad i found you mim you are one of my fave people 🙂 have a super eveing xx

    1. You’re right…I’m going to suggest you get a grip. It is NO big deal..and sometimes stuff happens. No worries!! It was my thank you to you after all!! 😉

  6. Congrats my dear…you are all that Sunshine Award is for and so much more! You are so so kind my friend! I feel like I am in the best company…thanks for the invite to the ‘party’- I have to go and meet your other guests 🙂 The moment is very pleasant..and I will also eat the cookie! Mimi, I am thrilled that we have made this connection – you do shine and I am better for it, to be in the midst of you.

    1. I’m thrilled too Bonnie – and can’t wait to hear how your road trip is going!! Meet the other guests, and recognize that you are a recipient of the award as well. Because you are sunshine to so many, your heart is in every post and your delight is contagious!! Hugs…

  7. Super big fat congratulations to you lovebug! Of course you deserve this! And thank you for sharing the love with me, too. You are so wonderful. 🙂 Hugs! Joanna

  8. This is an incredible post! I am so glad I came back here today, as I am working on a special thank-you post and yours here is excellent. I look forward to visiting a couple of your friends here whom I haven’t met. As for two of my favorite writers, Joanne (or MoJo 🙂 ) and that grateful man Russ, I want to thank you and celebrate what a talented writer you are! Your words are not only a gift to each of them but are to any who haven’t met them yet, with your encouragement. Thank you for sharing your beautifully written works with us, always. Namaste. Gina

    1. Gina, thank you so much! I am rendered speechless by your praise but I’m really pleased that my words may help encourage others to visit Russ and Joanna. I am so drawn to their blogs – each for different reasons – both providing warmth, inspiration and humanity. Needless to say, I am a mega-fan of both. I’m glad you feel I did justice to their unique and wonderful talents! Thank you for stopping by..Mimi

      1. You definitely ‘did justice’ 😀 And stopping by your place is always my great pleasure.

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