1. What a great listen, Mimi! Isn’t it crazy the things that tickle ya? That “perfectly peeling off price sticker,” for instance, never fails to delight, and being called beautiful ain’t bad either…. ;-). Happy Saturday, pal! Xoxo

  2. putting on sweats after wearing jeans (or anything else) all day is such an ahhhh moment. yes! these are great Mim! Happy Saturday! 😆 this is me laughing til my stomach hurts, another great one. xoxo

    • There is NOTHING better than unzipping a pair of jeans – especially in the summer = and just getting them the hell off…My sweatpants are the most comfortable fashion disaster I own and I love them…xox

  3. I’m loving the comments more than the post!! “Finding the name of a song that is in your head” – this is the story of the soundtrack in my head. Song first, name…name…damn, what’s the name of the song? xox

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