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Happy Saturday


35 thoughts on “Happy Saturday”

  1. What a great listen, Mimi! Isn’t it crazy the things that tickle ya? That “perfectly peeling off price sticker,” for instance, never fails to delight, and being called beautiful ain’t bad either…. ;-). Happy Saturday, pal! Xoxo

    1. Ohh, that’s a good one, too, David. Or how about falling asleep to the sound of a puppy’s soft breathe in your ear? Or the way a puppy’s belly smells and feels, that satiny, crepe skin….

  2. putting on sweats after wearing jeans (or anything else) all day is such an ahhhh moment. yes! these are great Mim! Happy Saturday! πŸ˜† this is me laughing til my stomach hurts, another great one. xoxo

    1. There is NOTHING better than unzipping a pair of jeans – especially in the summer = and just getting them the hell off…My sweatpants are the most comfortable fashion disaster I own and I love them…xox

      1. Don’t sigh…it’s just a number. Granted your number is bigger than mine, but I am bigger than you. Make you feel better? lol Every chance to celebrate the day of YOU is a very good thing! xox

      2. I’m with ya – especially when thinking about the alternative, which frankly would cut into a lot of plans, you know? I’m good with it – and just cause you’re taller doesn’t mean too much love – just about the entire adult and pre-teen population is bigger than me..xoxo

  3. I’m loving the comments more than the post!! “Finding the name of a song that is in your head” – this is the story of the soundtrack in my head. Song first, name…name…damn, what’s the name of the song? xox

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