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When All Else Fails


“The universe is one of God’s thoughts” – Friedrich Schiller


What we do with our universe is obviously up to us.  It’s only Monday, and yet the horrors on the news – from the unimaginable nightmare in Aurora, Colorado to the violence in Syria; the relentless crisis in Darfur to the inhuman treatment of young girls as part of a social ethos in some  areas in the Middle East (and elsewhere).  The abuse of children and animals, the disregard for the after care of mentally ill adults who have fallen victim to the mass de-institutionalization efforts in our own country.  This list is not exhaustive and arguably doesn’t approach all that one can look upon with despair and impotence.

And I sit here in defiance, for I believe that free will is the distinction of our species.  We can choose to shake our heads in sorrow and disbelief and go on about our day, or we can shake our heads emphatically and opt for the better part of our humanity.  My commitment this week is to focus my posts on the magic of this world of ours,  the moments when laughter and love are the universal chorus.  This week I am going to celebrate our similarities and learn more about our areas of difference.

I received a note from a friend of mine today, referring to our budding friendship as a ‘gift from the angels’.  It was a moment in an otherwise aggravating day involving a slashed tire, unresponsive roadside assistance dispatchers and a perilous drive to the dealership on a doughnut that looked like it could barely hold its own for two miles let alone twenty.  Waiting on the side of a hot highway, trucks and cars passing too closely and quickly – a good Samaritan who came by after an hour and half and graciously helped me out (note to self – learn to change a tire).  His kindness erased my irritation (but not my sweat which was a bit unpleasant for us both I think).  I asked him what made him stop and he just shrugged and said that ‘this is why we’re here’.  Messages from angels if we pay attention.  I’m learning to listen to their words, and believe that they’re hanging out waiting for a little thank you and acknowledgement.

For friendship and love, laughter and forgiveness, faith in ourselves and in each other is a hallmark of who we are.  And perhaps it is during these darker days which promulgate so much disbelief and anger, that we are most responsible for staring it down with its most wondrous corollary.  Loving with a spirit that is unbowed, and humbled by the simple goodness that we can bring forward everyday.


44 thoughts on “When All Else Fails”

    1. It definitely has..just an irritation in the great big scheme of life, completely erased by the generous act of a really decent human being..:-) I hope you’re day gets better too – sounds like you’re a bit worn out..

      1. Not any more than any other day. 🙂 Just trying to think if it makes sense for me to post every day or not. As much as I love it, I have gotten comments from a few folks that I switch topics a little too quickly to allow thoughts to marinate. But I am not sure if things will get stale if I don’t post every day. We shall see. I love blogging and really find it energizing. But generally, life does wear me down a bit now and then. 🙂 I always try to do too much – it’s just what I do. Thanks for worrying!

    1. Thank you so much! I have to try…I have to do something within my circumspect little world that at least reflects that which I believe is essential to counter-act all this sorrow. And it’s the rent we should pay for the gift of being here, you know?

  1. I always find it amazing that if I listen carefully I am constantly reminded that ‘this is why we’re here’. Angel messages, I like that. I think we can easily focus on the negative in the world and it just takes a little more concentration and hope to see the good.

    1. It’s so true – our tendency is to be overwhelmed with so much horror and negative imagery. And if we let ourselves be drowned by these realities, we will become inured to it – and that would be a horrible consequence for our society..

  2. “We can choose to shake our heads in sorrow and disbelief and go on about our day, or we can shake our heads emphatically and opt for the better part of our humanity.” – Wonderful post, dear Mimi. You are, absolutely, a gift from the angels 🙂 x

  3. Great post Mimi for the comments about the kindness of others -our salvation of humanity amidst so much devastation – for your cheerful relentless positiveness and for your Nelson Mandela quote – willing to forgive after 27 years in prison. If only we could all be like that. Thanks and enjoy your day 🙂

    1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a spirit that generous? An amazing human being…I just want to get through the day being kind – and if I can do that I feel like I am showing the world the better part of me…does that make sense?

  4. Can I just put a Universal LIKE on all your posts from this point on? 🙂 I look forward to what you bring each day, gives me pause, something to reflect on and I think my mind gets a little bigger each time….at least my heart does. And again, out of the ballpark. I love how you find – and recognize – the seemingly small moments that are great, in the true sense of the word. You bring it home in a way we can all relate…how else do we manage to think about all the rest?

    I have the same note to self…about the tire. Sigh.

    1. You are really wonderful and generous and I am the lucky recipient – thank you so much! I will find something small in today (for I am small, so I notice these things..:-)) ..And one day you and I will both learn how to change a tire..it’s an important skill and I just can’t seem to get it..

  5. Thank you. You remind me of just how much better the world would be if we tried to be better. Your post reminds me to start with the small things. On the topic of small, here’s my progress on day one: I passed on two witty but very snarky comments today. Let the laugher linger in my head ( still working on a devilish sense of humor) and told myself “Just don’t say it.” One day down….

  6. What a beautiful post, Mimi! You may have had a rough day, but your muse was certainly smiling on you when you sat down to chronicle your experiences! 🙂 I, too, fervently believe that the angels are all around us–we must simply allow them in. As Simon so rightly said, you are certainly one of their gifts to us….

    1. Thank you Lori…I start today with some of the residual tentativeness from the difficulties of yesterday which didn’t make it onto the post…Your words as always, are like a balm on sensitive skin. How do you do that? 😉

  7. Oh Mimi. You are a sage. Spread love and light into the world as I know you do. I will follow your lead. Perhaps this thing will spread.

    p.s. I was at a shopping mall the other day when I say a sign someone had hung on a toilet stall reading, “Psssssst… you are lovely.” I thought it was brilliant. I might need to start carrying post-it notes and love-bombing places of insecurity.

    1. ‘Love-bombing places of insecurity’ – Christine that’s brilliant!!! I think that is truly inspired and I for one and am going to start doing it…in fact, I will start today.

  8. Mimi, sorry for your tough day, but a great experience of being helped by a fellow man. We need to teach love, people will respond and pass it on. What is sad is that they will also pass hatred on if tht is what they are taught. We will overpower, that has to be our focus!

  9. This is such an inspired post Mimi. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about angels. The real ones. The ones walking the walk and talking the talk. To me, angels are not floating around waiting for wings every time a bell rings; they are stopping to help a damsel in distress on the side of the road, they are using what gifts they have to touch others with kindness and love; using their wiles and wherewithal to speak up and speak out against injustice and intolerance; refusing to be silent witnesses to violence and abuse of any kind. I believe we all have the capacity to be these warriors for change…and it is through posts like this from hearts like yours, we can each learn to do our part. Thank you Mimi, you are indeed one of the warriors.
    Love you

    1. Was it Stevie Ray Vaughn who’s song was “I’m No Angel”? 🙂 I’m no angel honey. I could do more and rage less, I could be kinder and more patient and more giving. I have written the book on human no-nos..I know that I am good, but I can be better and make sure I share a good thought with another, help someone make it through a tough time or just make sure that walk through my days with a sensitive awareness of those around me…Love you Rhonda..love your passion, and ginormous heart and remarkable talent and friendship and humor and….m

      1. Hey, never said you were a ‘perfect warrior’. We all can do more to be more…it’s choices. We tend make better choices when the environment in which we immerse ourselves is one that encourages our ‘want’ to do more. That, my lovely friend, is where YOU come in!

  10. A sad but beautiful post, Mimi. I don’t know how much we can right the wrongs, but contributing to the happiness of our fellow human beings is also great work. Here’s to continuing success in your writing… and let’s hope you learn how to change a tire soon…

    1. Thank you Shimon..it was a difficult day on many levels. I hope that my writing continues to improve and engage others..As to the tire changing skill – my husband has tried to teach me, my sons have instructed me – and when I have to repeat the process, I fail miserably. I simply have to keep doing it until I get it right…

  11. What a great post but also a sad post but in a moving and touching way…….love it. Hubby has tried to teach me how to change a tire but I suck at it……………….I am hopless…………lol

  12. This is such a great post. If only everyone could be as positive as you. 🙂 The world would be a better place. It is amazing what effect a little act of kindness can have. I personally have minimized watching news, not out of denial of what is happening in the world, but to avoid watching all the insanity of the world. Daily. Especially mornings, when we set our mood for the day ahead. I do not want to give media that kind of power. I believe we should not close our eyes about negativity but we ought to only keep our focus on positive, like you. Already looking forward reading your coming posts.

  13. ‘this is why we’re here’. Beautifully and powerfully true from an everyday hero. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m glad you were there for him too. Heroes are at their best when there is someone to rescue. You gave to him a chance to shine. Many others had the opportunity, but he seized it and began the ripples that continue as I type this reply to your wonderful post.

    Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and I love the quote and photo with which you ended the post.


    1. Thank you Russ..it was a day, as some days can be, where a simple kindness shone more brightly than the noon-time sun. And everyday heroes are at the ready all the time, and there is no time when any one of us can’t be one…

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