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I Did It

I have FINALLY figured out how to download a video – yes, I am stereotypically blond, technologically infirm, and unforgivably late in coming to the table.  Yet there is no better way to start this new element of my adventure by sharing this with you.  It’s why we’re here..

friendship, humor, life lessons

Steamy Saturday A.M.

The sun is going to rise in a little while, and rather than inviting us outside, will be daring us to see how long we can remain in her company.  We will see each other in brief spurts today, for I do better with relationships when the intensity knob is not always set on ‘high’.  Lately she’s been giving me a lot of heat, taking my sweat and blistering my flowers.  I think that gorgeous orb has a bone to pick with us and she’s making sure we know it.

For those of you who are spending your Saturdays with this uncensored communique from the sun, I hope your day includes cool air, wonderful music, maybe a good read and a nap, laughter and love..always love.