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Tuesday Morning Musings

Interesting exercise – how did you read it?  Please don’t run too far with your result – I read it as “life is nowhere” and immediately got upset with my self for not first seeing the more optimistic phrasing.  The beauty of course is that we can look at it again and opt for the interpretation which most closely aligns with what we believe.

Yesterday’s post prompted a response from Christine – her blog delivers a daily dose of delight (my how alliterative!).  She wrote that she was going to consider arbitrary  ‘love-bombings’ – placing Post-It notes with a positive thought in unlikely places.  I’m sure she wasn’t suggesting that one paper a wall with such messages (after all, she read “You Are Special” on the wall in a ladies’ room).  Ok, Christine, you’re on.   I’m going to do this today – the Post-Its and felt tip marker are already in my bag.  I realize it’s not the greenest approach, but what if one person takes the note to heart?  Puts it in his/her pocket?  Shares it with someone else?  Ok, I admit it’s a little hokey, even a contrivance.  It also sounds like fun and if I don’t get caught, a challenge to myself to do something a little out of the ordinary.  Yes, I admit – I’m feeling a little exhilarated.

Perhaps too, I need to put some more positive energy out there – and maybe it will return to those for whom I wish the most wonderful things.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s just about adding some new accessories to my daily outfit (metaphorically speaking).  Shel Silverstein, who delighted my children and me for years with his tender poems and stories penned a lovely little rhyme which seems apropos this morning…

May the hugs be with you.





45 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Musings”

  1. Mimi, you do this everyday already. Through your posts, your conversations with friends and family and strangers alike, you spread your verbal hugs and smiles around generously. So here’s my post it to you Mimi. You rock baby!!

  2. So I admit I was like you and saw “Life is nowhere” and, like you, got mad at not seeing the brighter side of it. I am so intrigued by the “love bombings” and am so on this. This is totally my speed. I already know there is a sharpie by the door for autographs at the Indians game tonight. I will be sure to grab the post-its on the way out the door.

  3. I’m sending you a BIG ole hug this morning, Mimi. :-). And I, too, read the phrase as “Life is nowhere.” and immediately felt bummed as soon as I read on. Glad to know I wasn’t alone…. Love your and Christine’s idea of “love bombings.”. Sounds like a fun little exercise. After reading your post yesterday, I made a little vow to myself that every day I will do something unexpected for someone–maybe someone I know, maybe a total stranger. Could be as simple as delivering a compliment on a lady’s sassy ‘do’ or buying a cup of coffee for the person in mine behind me. Whenever I do these things it brightens my day, so I thought, “Well, silly girl, why not do it every day, then?”. Xoxox

    1. One of the gazillion reasons why I love you…:-) I’m off to see what this Post-It exercise will do – if nothing else, it will make me feel good (and a little brave even!)..

  4. Mimi, great exercise indeed. I agree with us all putting good energy out there and we will see and make a difference one person at a time. I too read the post you speak of and thought what a great idea. My claim for yesterday was to make sure that I smiled at each person I encountered, it truly is amazing that such a small act of expression can make a big difference. People respond to smiles. I hope you have a great Tuesday…sending you a big 🙂

  5. -I love how there are two ways to read this title – we should take a poll and see how many read it the negative way and how many the positive – I admit I read it the same way you did the first time, then when it was revealed in a positive way, it made my happy–and I need to be happy right now ’cause I have a gyn appointment I do not want to go to and just had to tell someone -sorry it was you
    -I like the post it note thing – then again, I am sort of hokey
    -and finally Shel was a wonderful blast from the past – have read all his books of poetry many times to my kids when they were little – they were entertaining for adults too

    1. I was at the gym to – and left post it notes in the ladies’ room, on an exercise bike and on someone’s car. It’s been a funny day…I love Shel Silverstein too – and have kept his books despite the now-adult ages of my sons..:-)

      1. Yes ma’am…and one of my boys called me and asked where I had put ‘those books’…my response? “I’ll never tell”…:-)

  6. Ok where do I start? I read it as nowhere first, then at first was disappointed I didn’t even see an alternative in the first look, and like you, relaxed when I realized I could start over and see it in a fresh, new perspective – what great exercise to practice all day long. Easier to do while on vacation, but it’s coming home with me in my duffle bag. I have an affinity for alliteration and random kindness….so I was all over your daily dose of delight and smiled when you noticed your own moment of alliteration. 🙂 I noticed that comment yesterday too – and was inspired, so I can’t wait to hear about your post-it note adventures. I think you may have perpetuated the inspiration…you might have gotten a few of your readers thinking…so who knows what might spring from this! That is good karma!

  7. reading the hug o war makes me think of my friends that think what is wrong with america is the too much hugging, the too much kindness. And I feel deeply sorry for them.

    1. I feel sorry for them too…it is amazing to think that people can find ‘too much love’ to be the cause of our societal ills..

  8. I also saw the nowhere. dag gone. and i’m usually a positive outlooker. i will have to be more vigilant! and your post-it campaign is brilliant. spread the sticky notes mimi, and like Andy says, you hug people every single day.

    1. You are a positive outlooker…missing this once doesn’t change that one iota!!! Besides, you’ve been dealing with mutant bugs, snakes and some deeply thoughtful time considering the merits of men…..who could blame you? xox

      1. you’d think so right? up at 4, sore everywhere i could be sore, and headed for the nearest chair. go figure. anyway, still good to be home. 🙂

      2. it seems to have done just that. wish it would readjust to skinny…but then i guess i’d have to get skinny first. shoot

      3. Tell me about it…I’m hatin’ Jenny Craig and were it not for a very punitive cardiologist would just as soon have some ice cream..

      4. well…you just listen to that guy then. your heart is mucho mas importante! and hey…fat free frozen yogurt ain’t half bad. it ain’t ice cream, but it ain’t JC either. i feel for ya there…they can dress it up any way they want, it all tastes like the box they came in! 😦

      5. I am..sigh..she was such a b—h though…a story for when we’re together. And I agree – most of this fat-free stuff really does taste like cardboard….But one of these days there’s a hot fudge sundae with mocha chip ice cream with my name on it and I’ll eat the whole damn thing!

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