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Monday Afternoon Is For The Blues

I posted this on my Facebook page and shared it with my friend Rhonda, who loved it as much as I did.  I know I’m a little nuts posting all this music, and one of these days I may surprise you by forgetting how to do it for a while.  But it’s a rainy, cool Monday afternoon – an afternoon for the blues.  Friends – meet Koko London…

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Love The Fool

A lesson for today – at least for me.  I am guilty certainly of being foolish, feeling more than is good for me (sometimes I see the world only in primary colors, which can give you a migraine after a while), suffering my losses and not acknowledging my wins.  There are days when I cry over  nothing, my emotional strength sapped and my ability to get out of my way completely ineffective.

Conversely, when I am wrapped in joy – as one would be a really fabulous terry cloth robe – I don’t think about it as something to cherish, to protect or celebrate.  I delight in the moment, and do little to protect it from the harsher judgments that may later follow.  My friend Lori calls it the little green monster that jumps up and down on her shoulder, whispering the words of self-doubt and harsh judgments that can force us into a box we don’t want to enter.  I love her visual – and imagine that mine is more like a hyperactive Captain Hook (parrot included).  Regardless – they do the same damage – not just to your shoulder, but to your psyche.

What saves us from ourselves?  The delicious reality that we are – all of us – silly, frightened, impulsive sometimes and thoughtful other times, heroic in our hopes and dreams and timid when taking our first steps in a new direction.  We break – our exteriors not necessarily reflecting all the cracks that we have re-glued and secured with sufficient emotional scar tissue.

As I have written about protecting the child within us, so too must we tip our hat to the wondrous fool that should not be silenced, or diminished or devalued by our ever-present voice of  ‘should have, didn’t, and can’t’.  Would we react to our days differently if we cherished the fool with the same reverence with which we listen to our Capt. Hook?  If we remembered that both sides of who we are are of equal value and worth?

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Making It Mine

Lucky for me, this song came up on my iPod at the gym this morning.  Typically, the music I listen to while working out is not this mellow, so I’m convinced that this was not serendipity – I needed to hear it.  There is little that moves me like music – and those who know me recognize that this has been my ‘go to’ since I was a child.  It can drive my mood, steer my thoughts, set my course for the day (far better than any GPS).

In my office at the firm, there was always something playing in the background.  People would come in just to hear what genre was moving my moments.  And there is really nothing I don’t like, which makes picking favorites difficult – although I do have certain people and bands that get a heavier rotation than others.

Something about the words to this song, the visual of hanging out at the ‘gratitude cafe’…hearing angels sing a chorus that’s just exuberant.  My only wish is that I posted this earlier this morning, with the hope that you heard this as part of your day’s beginning.  That it made you feel good.  My plan?  To make sure I make this day mine.  Let me know what you think…