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Play It Again…Adam

Since this has been posted so many times before, I think it is now incumbent upon you to just sing along…Sunday morning karaoke.  You’ve got everything you need – a cup of coffee, some rain to muffle any questionable notes, a spoon for your microphone.  You’ll get to the paper in a few minutes.  Right now, clear the cobwebs out of your throat, close your eyes and just start the day with a song.


28 thoughts on “Play It Again…Adam”

  1. Workin’ it here in my kitchen, Mimi, while baking cookies for a BBQ later this afternoon. I have SO got my groove on. Bug and Beau are sprawled out on the floor, watchin’ Mom with raised eyebrows…. ;-). Happy Sunday!

    1. They’re waiting to assume their roles as royal tasters…Bake away, have a great time at the BBQ!! You’re right – you have totally got your groove on!

      1. They’re gonna have to get in line behind David–he’s circling in a holding pattern around the cooling rack. ;-). Hope you have a beautiful Sunday, too!

  2. Was sitting by the pool watching the storm clouds roll in feeling ambivalent but now I feel ready to stare those clouds away. If not successful, I’m ready to take the day any way I get it. Thanks for providing an opening day ceremony to feed the soul. 🙂

  3. Great pick for my Sunday morning coffee Mimi, music is so wonderful, it can shift our mood so quickly. Getting motivated to make Pumpkin ravioli today…fun and tasty project and then off to do a little writing. Have a wonderful Sunday Mimi 🙂

  4. Perfect, just perfect. Got my coffee, a quiet house and well, you’ve convince me to sing [if a bad singer sings in an empty house, did it really happen?] and it’s just a great way to start out our day of getting packed up and rolling on out of here. It will be stuck in my head all day – and that’s fine by me! Happy Sunday back at ya!

    1. It’s a great song to have stuck in your head!! Pack well and have a great trip!! And if you’re alone in your house, trust me, you can prepare your Grammy award speech..

      1. Wha?? 🙂
        I won’t be alone in my house…the ‘boys’ will be with me…our annual get away … but I will find a moment alone to sing…no one deserves to hear that mess! 🙂

      2. I hope you have a wonderful time – and if you sing with confidence, the boys may just believe that in their midst is a legitimate talent!!

  5. I just got the alone in the house reference…duh…I suppose my brain has already departed.
    Thanks for the lovely send off! I’ll pass your message along to the boys… 🙂

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