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Day: July 8, 2012

What Would You Say To Yourself?

I watched this video this morning, and began to wonder what I would say to my twelve-year-old self.  My first thoughts were “the bullying will stop”, “you’ll get better looking”, “you’ll never use advanced math so don’t worry about it”…I think I would also advise myself that some things will also get worse,  hurts change, though they hurt just as much.  Perhaps I would be philosophical and suggest that time is going to accelerate at some point, that no season is really as long as it seems.  I wonder if… Read more What Would You Say To Yourself?

Start Your Sunday Dancing

If this doesn’t begin your day with a smile, some serious toe tapping, and maybe even a twirl or two (put down your coffee first) – then nothing will.  Here’s to those who make joy so easy…