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So Cool Saturday

It’s going to be one of those delicious, rainy days – the steady rhythm of drops against the roof, the clouds proudly looking on at the product of their efforts.  Rain…it’s cooling the parched ground and the leaves are now stretching up and up, reaching with exhilaration.  And I have the rain’s permission to hang back and snuggle into my home.  Some reading, some music, some silent thoughts as I try to understand how karma even fits into the tragic events in  Aurora, Colorado (if you think I have answers for this one, please don’t bother reading further – I don’t).  I’m going to remind myself to be a bit more grateful today, love a little better today and hold time a little closer and yet more gently.

But I’m also gonna get my groove on – cause that’s just how I have to roll.  It needs to carry me to that fundamental place that we all identify with and recognize as part of our uniqueness and part of our connection to the greater whole.  So without further ado, for your Saturday listening pleasure…Keb Mo


23 thoughts on “So Cool Saturday”

  1. What a great groove to get my weekend going, Mimi! I need to get more Keb Mo in my life! As for the Aurora tragedy, you’re right–so hard to fathom where that young man’s head was at. I simply don’t understand how one ever comes to the conclusion that indiscriminately mowing down a group of innocent people is the right course of action. A stark reminder that we need to treasure our friends and family and savor the moment we’re in RIGHT NOW, ’cause as cliched as it sounds, ya truly never know if it may be your last. So let me get this day off on the right foot and tell you that you are treasured…. 🙂

    1. You have begun my day in the most special way possible…thank you! You too are cherished more than you know. As the stories emerge of those who were lost or injured and the descent of this killer into delusional madness, it’s impossible to understand the nexus of the two. And so you’re right – savor our moments and treasure our loved ones – we are sure only of this moment (though I too wish Andy would snuffle like Lola instead of shaking the house with his atonal intonations!)

      1. you have captured it in a nutshell
        I am listening to the tv as I write this and am shattered, but I will pull the pieces together–and as one newscaster advised–hug my loved ones and appreciate what I have

      2. …and I’m sitting here reading the paper overwhelmed with sorrow and disbelief. Sending hugs to any who want/need them – just ’cause.

  2. Yet again I can’t see the video bugga, and it is a cold wet Sunday here now and I can’t even decide if I want to get dress or have a pj day……….lol

    1. Damn…if you go to youtube and just search of Keb Mo – More Than One Way Home – I’m sure you’ll find it…I tried playing it on my end and it worked..:-( I’d go with pjs…:-)

    1. It really is a welcome respite…I found Keb Mo through a Bonnie Rait album..and just enjoy his music tremendously..Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

      1. I really liked his style and sound, I will have to see what I can find that he has done to listen to more. I am enjoying my weekend, caught up on some much needed sleep 🙂

  3. Thank you for the very cool song! love it! Great post! love the line:” I’m going to remind myself to be a bit more grateful today, love a little better today and hold time a little closer and yet more gently.” Great reminder to slow down and live! 🙂

  4. I finally just had a moment to sit and listen to this – and so glad I did; I love the line he keeps repeating, ‘there’s more than one way home” – just hits home with me. Maybe if we – the collective we – could keep that in mind we might have less senseless tragedy? Great refresher course on being grateful for the moment…

    1. One of my favorite songs – and definitely agree with the message…no matter where one travels, regardless of the emotional sinkholes and wrong turns – there’s a lot of ways to get back to home (whether it’s defined literally or figuratively)..

      1. It seems like a reasonable enough request..and I hope it heads your way soon!! I’m sure everyone – people, trees, farmland – is so ready…

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