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In My Dream Last Night

I think I’ve mentioned that I used to sing to my sons each night after stories and before bed (and before they would start goofing around with each other, climbing up and down the bunk bed, “Mommy, he won’t stay in his bed”, “Tell him to be quiet”, “Mommy?  Mommy? MOOOOOOOOM!!!”).  They typically picked ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ or ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.  I dreamed about this last night.  Their bedroom was decorated in a way that I wish I could have afforded, the lighting was different than the reality.  But those boys?  They looked as magical as little boys do, smelled of Johnson & Johnson shampoo, and were fetching in their He-Man pajamas.  I woke up with a wet pillow that I was holding so tightly I didn’t recognize at first what it was.  But I’m very glad it wasn’t a kid – I would’ve smothered him (or awoke to some serious screaming).

When Aaron and Theresa married last year, he and I met on the dance floor for ‘our’ dance.  And he whispered in my ear, “Mom, I’m gonna get you”…He did, he does,  he always will..

Wishing you a tranquil kinda Tuesday…


29 thoughts on “In My Dream Last Night”

  1. What a gorgeous post, Mimi! There’s something so powerful about music. I vividly remember my grandmother singing to me and with me when I was a kid. My grandparents also used to take me to gospel revival sings and the people would just *fall out*. It really made an impression on me. And as for this particular rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” it’s one of my favorites. Your kids are so, so lucky to have you–we all are. 🙂

    1. I knew you would love this rendition, and I felt it the perfect way for people to start the day – what a wonderful rhythm to carry along. I love that you went to gospel sings…my one experience singing at the New Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem made me want to become a Baptist (which didn’t please my Jewish parents very much) – I was transported by the sheer emotional power, the nurses in the aisles…I don’t know how lucky my kids are (although I know they would say they are – they’re grown ups now, so such admissions are easier to come by :-)), nor how lucky others may be, but I am overwhelmed pretty darn often by the family and friends in my life…hugs and hugs, me

  2. Hard to apply eye make up through tears, but thank you for painting such a precious picture memory.

  3. Dog Gone Mim…that’s two leaks for you today. I am so in love with this version…it moves me to my soul. I love how you love your boys. Thank you for my happy tears today.

    1. Well, I was a soppy mess and sorta figured you wouldn’t let me leak alone…thank goodness! I can’t get over how you ‘get me’…tight hugs, m

      1. I do and so do you. And here I was thinking all I had were brothers. Silly, silly me! You are a sister of my heart Mimi. I swear.

  4. He got me, too, Mimi. Partly because your love for all your boys and their wives, is so evident in all your writings that include them, but the other part is because I can hear you singing and that alone makes my eyes fill. How wonderful they have found their rainbows and recognize what a wonderful world they live in. You paved the way on that “yellow brick road” and it wasn’t easy. Shovels, concrete, mortar and brick are heavy. But you did it. You did good. You always do. You earned that wet pillow. 🙂

    1. Jo my sweet, you are so biased in my corner – all these years. I only wish so many years hadn’t passed before that fateful Sunday when we ‘met’ again. I’d be a liar if I said it was easy – name me a parent who says it is – but those boys hung in with me as much as I did for them. I know you know that experience well.. And I promise you a rendition in August (with the assumption that there will be wine involved). Much love, me

    1. Thank you so much! I am humbled by your thoughts, for I don’t think of myself as inspiring at all! That I make a little difference anywhere is more than I could hope for!

  5. So Mimi . you have done it again, I may live far away from my child and grandchild but as I sang in Scottish Galic each night the songs, the same few, over and over and now my grandson is part of them, was it for them or was it more for us ? Tug on my heart strings,you bet it does .Good nite Angus MacIan Bott sleep well.

    1. Oh Angus, don’t all parents remember their babies with a rush of the heart? The songs, the discoveries, the wonder of a child’s face. I love that you wish your grandson sweet dreams in your response…thank you

    1. These boys of mine never cease to amaze me – though they’re all grown. He did get me – I was dissolved as soon as we started dancing.

  6. “Mom, I’m gonna get you”…He did, he does, he always will..” It sounds like Theresa is a lucky woman, and that Aaron and you are lucky too. You know, the kind of luck that takes a lifetime to earn! ;-D!

    1. Theresa and Aaron are lucky to have found each other and I am blessed because I get to see my sons happy, in love and fully engaged in their lives. And yes thankful that we are all so close – more thankful than I can capably articulate. 🙂

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