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Stand By Me

There has been some activity about a YouTube video that was recently posted showing the murder of a Mideastern woman named Najibia.  I haven’t seen the clip – my cowardice and horror renders me incapable of watching it.  That said, I have been told that it reveals members of the Taliban cheering and supporting her husband as he repeatedly shot her in the back of the head.  His reason?  Her ‘crime’?  There are no reasons one can conceive of;  there was no crime, for there was no mention of a trial.  To carry my sorrow one step farther, this murder was committed in the name of a religion.  It’s important to note up front that this isn’t a diatribe about the Taliban, one specific culture, etc.  It is about the reiterative chorus in the face of unspeakable acts as justifiable by religious belief.

I’m not sufficiently well-versed to write about religion.  My spiritual view is both simplistic and I’m sure there are those who feel I am wrong.  I know of no religion that isn’t predicated on love, grace and humanity.  I am not suggesting that there isn’t significant brutality in religious and global history – though each example underscores a lesson that we were intended to learn and can’t seem to permanently absorb.  We keep repeating ourselves.  Whether acts of cruelty are defined as acceptable by gender, sect, interpretation – we watch as people continue to be brutally killed, forced to act against their will, hearts mutilated by memories.

I don’t have answers – I can feel inadequate in my corner of the world, consciously ensuring that I walk gently on this earth and embrace love as a spiritual expectation that I honor.  And I know it isn’t enough.  I have to consider ways to do more.  And I have to remember that without hope, there’d be no miracle of another sunrise and another opportunity.

You may remember this video as part of a documentary “Playing For Change – Peace Through Music”.  It lifts us up to look in the mirror and see the best reflection of ourselves, it underscores that we are all composing this song as we go along.  And though we may not read from the same notes, love is as universal as ignorance.  And there perhaps is where God resides – in the longings of our heart.


33 thoughts on “Stand By Me”

    1. I am the one who is sorry – I’m sorry that my first post of the day was full of so much horror that I couldn’t shake and was trying to exorcise. I to love hearing this magnificent song sung by people who at the time, never met and just sang in one voice. Ultimately the documentary brought them all together, which is a loving, far more wonderful image with which to being the day.

  1. Thank you Mimi for being a calm voice with a huge message. You have balanced a lot of what was written yesterday with a reminder, in your gentle way, to keep our perspective, learn from our mistakes, strive to make a difference, and embrace our spiritual gifts with love and humility. I’m grateful for your balance and your heart and the message.

    1. I couldn’t shake this whole topic..and clearly I am no pro on the subject. I want to hold onto the belief that there is abundant love in the world – and maybe that love can be enough to begin to detour this awful path we’re on..xoxo, me

      1. Not an easy subject to shake, and maybe it shouldn’t be. But it cannot all be about anger and pointing fingers. I’m happy for your thoughts on this today, I personally needed the balance and the message. It would be wonderful if love could be enough to make the difference, not likely, but wonderful. But then again, it’s a foundation to build upon.

      2. Thank you for understanding – I fear it wasn’t the kindest way for anyone to begin their day..though it was the night that never ended for me. I promise my friend, to Stand By You..why are you up and online so early anyway? xo, m

      1. One could ask the same of you. Sleep is no friend of late, more so after days like yesterday. I do understand and I wish I had reached a point of balance earlier, but am not surprised I found it here waiting for me. And ditto…always.

      2. After the power outage, I slept like a log for two days..and now I’m up and about greeting the night long before the day. Hmmm…biorhythms stink (it ain’t menopause anymore)..:-) xo

      3. I hope it passes quickly – and I hope you get a nap!! There needs to be one in the day when the nights blur into the morning with no separation other than the absence of the sun and the rising of the moon, huh?

      4. yes…naps in the big comfy chair are good on days following those nights. not likely today, but there is always tomorrow. as for the other….weeeeel can’t say quickly has played a role so far. been toying with me for 4 or 5 years now…thought this was the one, but so far the bugger is still messing with me. grrrrrrr

  2. I, like you, have consciously avoided this horrific video–call me a coward, but I don’t want those images imprinted on my memory–imagining them is bad enough. I will never understand some of the things that are done, ostensibly in God’s name. M, I love your belief in the power of love, kindness and understanding as a counterbalance to the madness. Like you, I worry about “moving that needle” at a time when there seem to be some many who are so angry and behave so brutally “in the name of God.”. But I, too, try to hang on to my hope and do my level best to live and love in my little corner of the world. Saw a quote just yesterday that really stuck with me and seems worth mentioning here. “Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.”. — Robert Green Ingersoll. Amen.

    1. How appropriate the quote Lori – how profound in its simplicity..I love it, I will remember it. Now if everyone could just practice this..And if all of use used our own ‘little corner’ for nothing but honoring that quote, perhaps that is the first huge step..Happy morning my sweet friend..hugs, m

  3. Beautiful post Mimi. I promise that your living and walking in love has a much much greater impact than you could possibly imagine. All you have to do the alleviate the darkness is to turn on a light. That’s what you do each day in your own corner of the world, and that is so important. What you do really does matter so take heart sweet girl.

    1. Your so generous with your view and I am appreciative. And yet I also realize that in my blessed little corner of the world, I am not exposed to the nightmare that people around the world live every day. I will keep my little light on, and my hope in humanity true – but boy, sometimes, it feels like it isn’t enough…Thank you so much for writing!

  4. It isn’t cowardice, Mimi. There is simply no reason for watching something like that. Just knowing that it happens is terrible enough. Watching becomes a sort of horrifying voyeurism, and it does nothing toward a solution.

    Not to argue, dear Mimi, but I think love can be enough. You exude love, even to those you know only by gravatar. I try my damnedest to do the same for the people in my life and the strangers I encounter on my path. We are each responsible for spreading love in the manner that is most authentic to us: listening, volunteerism, donations, simple kindnesses… All good is based in love, isn’t it? Thereby making love not only “enough” but really all there is.

    Love to you and your beautiful heart.

    1. What an amazing woman you are Christine…an amazing mama without question – and also an embracing, loving, wonderful woman. I am very happy you are in this gravatar world with, m

      1. Thank you for thinking so…at the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society – I think you are pretty remarkable too..

  5. Your ability to shed light in the darkest corners is a true gift. I did not watch the video. No need to view the horror that the mind imagines and fanatics inflict all in the name of religion. The word, itself, should envelope us all in peace and harmony, Sadly mankind can be its own worst enemy and the quote, above, on tolerance is one I will carry with me as well. But back to my original point. You were able to take this horrific tale, present it, use words strong enough to leave an impression describing your feelings about it, provoke your readers to think and end with hope. As I said, a gift. May your Wednesday pass peacefully. ❤

    1. If we have no hope, what shall our days and nights be? I can’t imagine. I don’t know about this being a gift sweetie, maybe I needed to end that way for me. It is as you note, to horrific to believe…Love you, m

  6. The sad truth is that there are worse incidents around the globe that happen in the name of religion. That is why more and more people today have distorted thinking about religion.

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