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Monday Afternoon Is For The Blues

I posted this on my Facebook page and shared it with my friend Rhonda, who loved it as much as I did.  I know I’m a little nuts posting all this music, and one of these days I may surprise you by forgetting how to do it for a while.  But it’s a rainy, cool Monday afternoon – an afternoon for the blues.  Friends – meet Koko London…


20 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon Is For The Blues”

      1. Oh crap–I didn’t think anyone could see me when I was singing into my circular hairbrush. :-/. Some of my best performances, of course, are in the shower… 🙂

      1. geesh…you are gonna make me leak you keep that up! Love you too Mimi and no thanks ever, ever. Sharing my world with you makes this huge place seem a whole lot smaller and easier to deal with, besides making it more fun.

      2. We’re traveling it together Rhonda, even though we’ve yet to meet..And you can leak a little – I’ll never tell…;-)

      3. one day…bound to happen. we’ll have to work towards a time and place for it; with a couple other shining stars that have entered our galaxy here.

  1. Nuts for posting music? Are you kidding me? Music is the universal language my dear (but you already know that). Keep posting these great tunes! Love them!
    Great post Mimi! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful tune! I’m sure I’ll be singin’ it my head all day…..:)

    1. Sing it loud Lee!! I’m so glad you liked it!! I’ve got to remember to post some things that aren’t accompanied by music though…I’m just so thrilled that I figured this out (it’s embarrassing to admit. but what the heck)

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