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Making It Mine

Lucky for me, this song came up on my iPod at the gym this morning.  Typically, the music I listen to while working out is not this mellow, so I’m convinced that this was not serendipity – I needed to hear it.  There is little that moves me like music – and those who know me recognize that this has been my ‘go to’ since I was a child.  It can drive my mood, steer my thoughts, set my course for the day (far better than any GPS).

In my office at the firm, there was always something playing in the background.  People would come in just to hear what genre was moving my moments.  And there is really nothing I don’t like, which makes picking favorites difficult – although I do have certain people and bands that get a heavier rotation than others.

Something about the words to this song, the visual of hanging out at the ‘gratitude cafe’…hearing angels sing a chorus that’s just exuberant.  My only wish is that I posted this earlier this morning, with the hope that you heard this as part of your day’s beginning.  That it made you feel good.  My plan?  To make sure I make this day mine.  Let me know what you think…