Sorry – here’s the video

I’m sorry !  I’m still perfecting this new skill clearly…


  1. I love the message – it’s like the Alchemist! At one point we all knew what we wanted to do but then we stopped listening to ourselves as we got older. Thanks for sharing – cool video!

  2. If only we could talk our younger selves…
    We could end the saying “if I only knew then what I know now”;
    We could teach ourselves lessons of life to avoid the hurts that await us in future years;
    We could reawaken memories that we have lost long ago;
    We might guide ourselves onto a different path then the one we had chosen;
    and lastly, We could calm the current hurt of our 12 year old selves, explaining that things really do get better for us.

    • Amen to that last part much hurt that we could assuage..I’m not sure we would listen to our words of warning, most of us still would need to charge head-first into life, but maybe we would remember it when we really wanted to do something stupid…

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