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Start Your Sunday Dancing

If this doesn’t begin your day with a smile, some serious toe tapping, and maybe even a twirl or two (put down your coffee first) – then nothing will.  Here’s to those who make joy so easy…


22 thoughts on “Start Your Sunday Dancing”

    1. This was the original video I tried to download weeks ago – I was just delighted by each frame, each memory, the way the Killers song was synced to everything from ballet to Fred Astaire to Michael Jackson…:-) I’m SO glad you liked it! Good morning sunshine!

  1. Sunday is already my favorite day….you just made it better! LOVE this Mim!
    Happy beautiful Sunday my lovely friend and thanks for this!

    1. I can’t tel you how happy this makes me..I love this video – and play it more often than I should admit!! Have a fabulous day!! Hugs, me

  2. Love it!!!! OK – don’t laugh, but I have now forgotten how to add videos – I did it once and got cocky and now I forget how! Isn’t there some button you have to click in users? couldn’t find it when I posted this AM so had to only include a link to the precious pandas – help!! Now that you are an expert! 🙂

      1. Hmmm…I tried that. But maybe I have a more complicated video than a youtube video this time….thanks for the help! Loving your videos…I’ll catch up to your tech-saavy soon! 🙂

  3. An absolute joy to put life back in perspective after a weekend filled with sad news. Another gift from the karma truck and it’s driver. Thanks sweetheart. Love you and am in awe of your new techno skills. 🙂

    1. I am really saddened by your weekend news, and hope that the rest of your vacation brings renewed joy. And don’t marvel at my skill – between the two of us, you’ve got it all over me!! Love, m

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