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Category: music

Making It Mine

Lucky for me, this song came up on my iPod at the gym this morning.  Typically, the music I listen to while working out is not this mellow, so I’m convinced that this was not serendipity – I needed to hear it.  There is little that moves me like music – and those who know me recognize that this has been my ‘go to’ since I was a child.  It can drive my mood, steer my thoughts, set my course for the day (far better than any GPS). In my… Read more Making It Mine

Start Your Sunday Dancing

If this doesn’t begin your day with a smile, some serious toe tapping, and maybe even a twirl or two (put down your coffee first) – then nothing will.  Here’s to those who make joy so easy…

I Did It

I have FINALLY figured out how to download a video – yes, I am stereotypically blond, technologically infirm, and unforgivably late in coming to the table.  Yet there is no better way to start this new element of my adventure by sharing this with you.  It’s why we’re here..

The Rhythm Of Leadership (even if you’re tone deaf)

“Where you lead/I will follow/Anywhere that you tell me to…”  Ah, Carole…I was a rabid follower – Carole, James, Laura, CSN&Y.  I followed them (and others) because I loved their music, their words, the way I felt when I sang along (some of my fondest memories include sitting in my friend Allie’s house eating Cadbury wafers and singing..she had a pure, clear soprano; I had a rich and sincere baritone, sorta). I followed a speaker at a peace rally in NY after the Kent State shootings. He spoke Spanish (I… Read more The Rhythm Of Leadership (even if you’re tone deaf)