I Did It

I have FINALLY figured out how to download a video – yes, I am stereotypically blond, technologically infirm, and unforgivably late in coming to the table.  Yet there is no better way to start this new element of my adventure by sharing this with you.  It’s why we’re here..


  1. I am embarrassed to admit that I have been trying to figure this out for days, and spent hours at the computer this morning trying every conceivable iteration that I could (even AFTER watching the tutorial). JT and I go way back, and in my head we’re thisclose….:-) I saw him and Carole King in concert at Madison Square Garden last year and he still sounds exactly the same. Carole’s voice was never her strong suit (tho’ I love the rawness of it) – but the two of them together for over two hours with no intermission and three encores was like a dream.

  2. I love this! Great song and the photos ae stunning.I especially love the Ayers Rock nightime photo with the shooting stars, or however they do that to make the rock still and stars move. Thanks for sharing! And congraats on your new skill!

  3. Nothing wrong with being slow. The end result is the samee, or even better because you overcame an obstacle. Besides, isn’t being a little slower what this part of your journey is about?!? Congrats!!!!

    • I do take iced coffee – though the morning demands a hot cup regardless of the temperature outside. I feel so ridiculous for celebrating the fact that I learned to do something so benign and frankly, simple. You would have laughed at my insistence that I wasn’t going to move until I figured it out – three hours later! Amazingly dim technologically…:-) Hope all is well and that you have a wonderful Sunday..

  4. welcome to the world of moving pictures Mimi! it really does expand the repertoire. i still struggle to post Vimeo clips reliably so can we please talk as soon as you’ve cracked that one? ; )

  5. Awesome! You are one step ahead of me, I have only been able to figure how how to insert the link. I took a great video of Carter sitting down with a microphone at our local farmers market and belting out his ABC’s to musical accompaniment. I really want to share it on my blog but am not sure how. I can’t bring myself to post it to YouTube (it seems so public there, as if my blog is not, but whatever). Maybe if I get over my silliness and put it on YouTube I will try again. 🙂

    • If it’s silly, then I’m silly with you..There’s something that scares me about posting videos of people I love (not that my kids are small and doing adorable things…)…I wish I could help, but clearly I’m just not a pro with this stuff yet!

  6. Hi Mimi, Love your post! I am ‘blonde’ as well, ha ha. Good for you on figuring out on how to do the ‘video’. I still have not done that one, although I know I will learn it all in good time. I just say life is too busy to learn everything all at once. lol Have a super day. 🙂 Renee

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