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As Friday Begins To Wind Its Way Down

A beautiful thought to end the work week and ease into the weekend, courtesy of The Story People…

We all are a part of something far bigger than we can imagine.  Still, I hope this weekend brings you reason to sing, marvel at the small things that we typically never see and pause one moment to consider the fantastic wonder of it all.   That’s the best karma you can be offered – accept it with an open hand.  Until next time…


6 thoughts on “As Friday Begins To Wind Its Way Down”

    1. I’m such a fan of The Story People…I was given one of their wood sculptures which hangs in our sunroom…”If we fail this time it will be a failure of imagination. Then she placed the world gently in my hands”. We have a few of their framed messages as well – they remind me of what is important – as you write – ‘presence, connection and joy’. I wish you all of that and more..:-)

  1. Brian Andreas is so gifted. I love his work. This phenomenon happens to me in yoga every now and then. I would say it is energy, rather than actual heartbeats, but it is truly amazing. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I hope that one day I can get past obsessing about my breathing, so that I too can experience moments like that. I’m so jealous that you are already there, but can only hope that you are greeted by these beautiful thoughts as often as possible. Have a great weekend Christine! I’m so glad we’ve ‘met’ (so to speak)..

      1. It took two years, Mimi, and I still obsess about my breathing sometimes. Or I obsess about the obsession. 😉 Yoga is a practice, right? We just do our best.


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