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A Friday For Lissie & Susan

One of those strange weeks where nothing is really wrong and yet…well, meh.  I lost a gorgeous day to a migraine, fell out of step with one of my kids (which is not to say we are at odds – we’re not, I’m just out of sync).  I’m missing a friend’s wedding out-of-state today and am feeling a little a bit petulant. And as you can imagine, I don’t do petulance well.  So I’m going to turn it around, focus on the specialness of this day for Lissie and Susan.  And around 12:30 this afternoon I’m going to whisper “Congratulations!! May you always live in love and health and joy”..and that alone will make this a lovely day..


24 thoughts on “A Friday For Lissie & Susan”

  1. aww babes, its one of them weeks for you, i wish you a turn around in your day and week and your general fortune, and i wish for you something unexpected and wonderful to happen, i wish for you renewed communication with your children, as well know life just aint right til we all feel in total communication with all our kids, and i am sorry to hear you had a migraine, horrid things they are! i do hope you are having a better time of it soon, sending you virtual hugs and i know your friends will miss you at that wedding your there in spirit i know sorry i cant say more but the children seem to have lost communication with each other i shall have to go seperate them love you mim xx

    1. I’m fine – just a low bio-rhythm day..:-) Have to have those on occasion too. But the fact that my friends are in love and loved is far more important than my feeling blue that I can’t be there. Thank you for the hugs kizzylee – I receive them with gratitude and send many back with love…xx

  2. You’re a lovely, lovely spirit, Mimi, feeling “meh” or not, and it will be a lovely day, filled with sunshine and some special moment that you couldn’t have anticipated–’cause you get back what you put out in the world. Love you…

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