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Slow It Down Sunday


courtesy of the story people

I need to slow down this train a little bit – even though I realize that I’m not the conductor.  Close your eyes and just enjoy the  music.  For these brief moments just let go of all that we do to rob ourselves of our most precious commodity.  More later – for now, Sandy Denny…


26 thoughts on “Slow It Down Sunday”

    1. After the gym, it’s going to be a slow-going day…Andyman has to work, so for me it will be just need some fresh air, good music, The New York Times and the sirs. And maybe a drool-y nap on the porch…:-) Have a wonderfully slow happy Sunday honey..xoxo

  1. Ahhhhhhh, what a lovely way to start the day, Mimi, thank you! I’m rolling over another year on the ole meter this week, and I find myself in a rather contemplative mood. This song really spoke to me. May you, Andy and the sirs have the perfect lazy summer day… Xoxox

    1. Will you email me your b’day so I know which day it is? For unrelated reasons, I’ve been feeling similarly (my b’day is coming up too, but there are other more immediate thoughts rolling around in this head o’ mine). It’s a good day to try and slow my thoughts down a little…enjoy the day dear friend..xox

  2. And again I get only a black screen bloody hell this is annoying one day it’s fine the next it’s not…….so all I can say is that going on the comments Ihave read I have missed out on something lovely again

    1. I am so so sorry!! I wish I could figure out what’s wrong!! The song itself was really the best part, but it’s frustrating that this keeps happening to you!! I wish I could offer a clue..

  3. I am listening to this on late Sunday evening…as I wind down from our return to reality, and appreciating the special time with my family…and wondering how the time goes by so quickly?! And here I am…listening to the song you choose to share; it is perfect as I make my way from laundry, unpacking, etc…. to my pillow 🙂 Thank you for the gentle re-entry 🙂

    1. I hope you had a fabulous time and I’m happier still to know that I helped a little to make re-entry less crazed and frenetic (which it often is, making one wonder whether in fact they had ever gone away)…Welcome home!

      1. Just a little reminder from one of the dogs that dad forgot their last walk of the night…back to bed in a moment..:-)

  4. YAY! I LOVE the new look Mimi, and Sandy Denny, and the stunning photos in your previous post, and your goodness and encouragement, and the balloons, and how even a few moments with your blog makes the world a lovelier, brighter, more hopeful place. Would that we all would learn to look straight into each others’ eyes … actually that’s something I encourage our church family here to do quite often. The exercise invariable produces exhalation in the form of almost immediate gentle laughter followed by noticeable relaxation. Maybe one of the reasons I find eyes so beautiful is that they tell us the depths of the “story” in others, and our own? Love, S x

    1. Oh Simon – you’re back!! I realize that you are far busier than this, but it sure is wonderful to hear from you! I’m so happy that your visit to the site was such a good one. I changed the appearance purely by accident (don’t ask, just another testament to my lack of technical skill) – but I like it now too..
      I’m so pleased you liked the posts too – an Sandy Denny is truly a gorgeous voice…I too end up looking into the eyes for the story behind them..and am saddened often by the smile that never makes its way up to a person’s eyes..But today, your comments are making me smile – all the way up to the top of my head!! Love, m

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