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The Beauty That Is Us

..all of us.  I spent more minutes than I care to admit just marveling at these pictures this morning.  How can we look in the eyes of another human being and not feel connected to them somehow?  We love our families; want the next generation to enjoy a more peaceful, prosperous, kinder world; we value our traditions and celebrate love in a myriad of ways.   Our faces tell a story, our culture gives it context.  And each one of us weaves a story that is unique, marvelous, heartbreaking, celebratory.  I look in these eyes and I wonder – what is the story?   And though I may never know each and everyone, I believe with all my heart that there would be more that I would understand than not.




27 thoughts on “The Beauty That Is Us”

  1. Beautiful, Mimi. What a candescent collection of countenances (I love alliteration, can ya tell? 🙂 ). I especially love the children–so innocent and fresh-faced. Gives me such a surge of hope…. Happy Friday, my dear friend.

    1. That was a bountiful bundle of beauty, Lori! (Ah, alliteration is so fun)..It is true, the children shine – as children do everywhere..Here’s to hope today…Happy Friday..hugs, me

  2. Love this and the way you think. I too wonder the story behind the eyes I look into. That’s why not judging is so very very important. We just never know the story until we open the book. Of the photos you have shared, while the children are precious, the one I want to know more about is the 4th one…I want the story behind the blues!

    1. Those eyes really draw you in, don’t they? I love them all, though I’m also drawn to the smiling face of the woman in the last picture. I would love to hear their stories..xox

      1. Agreed. I love the smile and the idea that she knows something we don’t. The stories would be worth the journey to hear them.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle…I don’t know that I do anything which is worthy of your admiration – we’re all just trying to get through the best way we can with no GPS system!. I am so appreciative that you like the site, and enjoy it!!

  3. “The Beauty That Is Us” . Very well said, Mimi. I liked what you wrote and the wonderful photographs you shared. I believe that you are a wise, compassionate, and kind woman with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing more of it with us.


    1. They are pictures that just grab you – and somehow I believe that if we knew the stories behind those eyes, we would hear of the worries, joys and hopes that connect us all..

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