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Between Night And Day

                                                                          courtesy of The Story People


24 thoughts on “Between Night And Day”

  1. There’s something very special about the early morning hours–I always feel like the world is mine for a little while, especially in the deep winter. It’s so, so peaceful…

    1. I’ve always been an early is true – in the winter there is a stillness that is incredibly peaceful..pre-dawn mornings in the summer are full of music and conversations (it seems each frog is debating with another, the owls are messaging the hour to their young ones advising them to start picking up their toys and heading home, the wrens and sparrow, cardinals and robins all wake with delirious chatter about whatever they dreamt the night before)…I love it all…

      1. I know what you mean, Mimi. I’ve always been a morning person, so those are the hours I know best, but every time of day and every season has something special to offer. Early summer is lovely here with the peepers, the little tree frogs who sing their hearts out in the evenings. Just one of life’s many, simple pleasures…. 🙂

      2. True..and the moments after sunset when the lightning bugs play tag – I never get a chance to not be ‘it’ – they always escape me! But I love the game..

  2. When I was working, the mornings were the best time of day. Now I find it’s the mid-afternoon quiet that recharges my spirit and allows me to take inventory. Your poetry, the simple beauty of your words, is giving me reason to pause. I would have to agree that pre-dawn is more captivating and holds the promise of what is to be and allows one the time to be who they really are. I like that. Maybe I need to retrain my internal clock once again, so I can experience that sense of freedom. As always, thank you for using words to paint the most beautiful pictures (and assigning the most perfect graphics to illustrate your thoughts as well).

    1. Hi love – I’m not sure it matters when one finds that time to re-group and get time to be with one’s self without expectations or demands. As long as we get those moments, I think we’re so ahead of the game..
      And would the words were mine – the whole picture was courtesy of the Story People – they’re all over my house in different places! Will show you in August!

  3. Also my favorite time of the day, and as a fellow early bird, find it part of my everyday pleasure. Like Lori, most enjoyable during the dead of winter, more so if it’s snowing. The quiet peace broken only by the sound of snow hitting the trees. And the drawing you chose is very much the attitude for the time, no outside expectations of who I am to be…a time to just ‘be’. Thanks Mim

    1. So happy to hear from you honey…how are you?? I feel like you’ve been gone forever…I think the time of day is less important than the moments when one can just ‘be’ without any expectations or requirements pulling one in a thousand directions..Just the most quiet, bare time of day…xox

      1. Thanks for missing me 🙂 Feels like that to me also. I’ve been able to catch moments here and there, mostly there, but can’t go a day without checking in on my bestests! I’m good for the most part. Doing my best to be me which helps the rest of them be them, know what I mean? And you are right, it really doesn’t matter the time, just the ability…and lately it’s in the wee wee hours, which work too. Miss you…but know I’m lurking and will drop a smile when I can. 🙂

      2. I hope you’re finding time to relax and unwind and take in all the gorgeous land around you…sending you much love..xo m

  4. Yes I also like early mornings when my girls lived at home I enjoyed the early mornings most or really late at night after everyone else would be in bed……

  5. I love this. That is what moving to Austin was about for me. Walking away from expectations and listening to my own heart and soul. Thanks for the important reminder!

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