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Monday Mojo

Spirits flagging?  Need a little something to get your mojo going in the middle of a long , hot afternoon?  You can’t watch this and not find your head bobbing, your juices flowing and your eyes dancing as you watch these bands compete…


19 thoughts on “Monday Mojo”

  1. GREAT choice for an afternoon pick-me-up, Mimi!! I’ve always loved this scene from the movie. You’ve got me all jazzed up to go back and finish off the last of my housecleaning!! 🙂

    1. Hope you can dance with the vacuum – I always find it makes the process a little more comical…though arguably I could do a better job if I concentrated on the act itself…:-)

      1. I can do it, but it ain’t pretty…. Actually, I *do* have to do a bit of a dance every time I vacuum because Beau likes to chase the hardwood floor attachment, so it’s a bit of a Cirque du Soleil show–I am bobbing, weaving, and attempting to squirt him periodically with the squirt bottle in a vain attempt to convince him that seizing the attachment head in his jaws is NOT an admirable achievement. Who needs Zumba?! 😉

      2. Lol…sounds like you’re getting more than your share of aerobic activity between the bobbing and weaving…although being able to grab an attachment while it is in motion, does seem pretty impressive..:-)

  2. Oh Mylanta! First I must say these guys have some serious skills! Second I am fighting Tuck for the keyboard as I type because of this video, Super Mario has been replaced for the time being THANK YOU! Yes ma’am! We may just spend this blistering hot day indoors dancing and marching! Love it!

    1. I love the visual of you guys marching and dancing in the air conditioning!! Maybe even get an empty coffee can or two so you guys really have something to let loose on!! I am a little sorry for Kitzie – I’m sure she would wish for the return of Super Mario…:-)

  3. Oh my gosh – who won??????!!!??? For me, it was the purple team.They played the other team’s drums!!!!! That was a bad— move! Loved it! Just what I needed before a conference call. 🙂

  4. I remember the first time I saw this movie…and first time because I’ve seen it several times since. It’s a winner and I love love love the battles. Nick Cannon was an unknown to me until this and I’ve loved him ever since. Awesome way to start the day, even though I’m a day late. Never too late for this.

    1. 🙂 I loved it too – and saw it first on a plane.. I didn’t know who Nick Cannon was – or that this was a sleeper movie with legs..xo

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