I am reblogging Ivon’s post because his blog typically inspires the thought and consideration one would typically give a teacher who captivates you. I am appreciative of the inclusion in his list of bloggers and intend to check them out – as I hope you do too!! Thank you again Ivon! I am truly appreciative and am typing with a big smile on my face – even though it is before 5AM…

Teacher as Transformer

Before I post, I wanted to acknowledge inspiration is reciprocal. Each day, with anticipation, I check my email and follow blogs I subscribe to.

I have gained a considerable amount from blogging, but is humbling. When I began, I had few visitors, no likes, and no comments. Gradually, this changed and blogging became rewarding in and of itself as I learned its nuanced context. It is still humbling in two ways. First, when I check creative blogs posted about passions people hold dear, it impresses me with the process and product. Second, I keep it real . Statistically, the blog I follow with the largest following has about 15, 000 followers. This is about 0.000002% of the world’s population and my 300 followers is about 0.00000004%. Against the odds we form a small, appreciative community and share parts of our lives. Thank you.

Thank you Kay Lynté at Thinking is…

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    1. I am – and I do…and I so loved your post when I read it this morning!! Though Jewish, I was in church with you my friend – it was impossible not to attend! 😉

      1. oh my goodness..thank you my friend! that means more than you know…and thank goodness – this ‘church’ I found knows no definitions – open to all! 🙂
        I loved your post today too – my ‘plugged in’ time is short this week, but know that your message resonates VERY CLEARLY with me…!!! I am so appreciating connecting with you here in this amazing corner of the world!

      2. Me too! I feel lilke I’ve found another’soul mate’ in cyber land..And what I love about it is that this introduction comes with more transparency and less guile or pretense than we sometimes need to show in the ‘real’ world. How special you are and how lucky am I that we ‘found’ each other in this little community..:-)

      3. Ditto Ditto Ditto { I know unplugging is important, but gosh darn it, I want more plug in time for here! 🙂 } You are amazing, and so special,and I feel incredibly lucky to not just have ‘found’ you, but to have connected here…here’s a toast to cyber soul mates! xoxo

      4. I feel the same way about you and send many hugs your way. But you should unplug and enjoy your time away. Happily we will have time to write and connect and share in the days ahead..xoxo

  1. Congratulations Mim…this is THE award for you! Inspirational inspiring inspirer that you are! (there may be another new word for our cyber dictionary there, at least spell check says so. yay)


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