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While We’re On The Subject Of Love

If you didn’t see this video when it went viral, you missed a treat – and a wonderful moment in the lives of these two people.  If you did see it,  you can’t deny that it’s worth seeing again.  Is there anything better than feeling the love and dancing along?  Take a time out and enjoy.

ps.  Hey Andy – I love you


38 thoughts on “While We’re On The Subject Of Love”

      1. I have been known to string together more expletives than a trucker and/or a sailor. But put something sweet and lovely in front of me, and I’m dissolved.

    1. It’s so fun and loving and sincere and hopeful – and the music is perfect too!! I also love that all those involved were their families, neighbors and friends..

  1. Thanks to rheath40s reblog, I got to see this for the first time. As I commented on her page, you can call me a totally hopeless romantic, but I was in tears. Thank you!

    1. I think it’s wonderful to be a hopeless romantic..In fact, it’s kind of an oxymoron isn’t it? If we were hopeless, would we believe in romance? 🙂

    1. Thank you very, very much Ivon!! I am really touched that someone who writes with your sensitivity and gravitas would consider my blog inspiring..I will definitely check out the link and respond to you on my post later today..

      1. awww…and you still need to get those sneakers bronzed…that in the contract too? Mim…this was a spectacular idea. Never saw it before, just sat through it twice and I want to see again! Wow, what a magical beginning for these two. Brilliant!

      2. Wasn’t it wonderful??? Just tickles my heart whenever I watch it…Let’s not talk about bronzing the sneakers, I get a case of hives..:-)

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