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Puppy Love – Literally

Ok, I’m a dog person…a crazy, mushy dog person.  I get the whole cat thing – really I do.  We’ve had cats in our family and when they snuggle and purr and deign to acknowledge you with an arbitrary display of affection, it feels good.  But for me, there’s nothing like a dog.  Teddy sits in my lap while I write, Archie encourages me to forget what I’m writing about by bringing me his ball in a never-ending game of ‘stop-taking-yourself-so-seriously-and-play-with-me’.  Neither of them are going to score off the charts on any canine I.Q. test, but they would be in Mensa if the requirement was affection and loyalty.  Teddy did get a certificate once for being ‘Perfection In Fur’ – but that was because he didn’t really take to the training for which completion certificates were issued.  And it’s true, neither is particularly discerning, and were it not for the barking, a robber would be made to feel welcome.  Ah well…they’re my guys..

And here’s a weird one for you..the first dog we got when we moved here was Bubba The Wonder Dog.  And he was a wonder dog – probably could have been a brain surgeon but for his webbed paws and absence of impeccable hygiene.  A big guy, Bubba would sit on my lap during our regular drives up to NY and NJ – 70 lbs of lap dog.  When I was diagnosed with this funky autoimmune issue, Bubba would just stay with me on the bed, he’d lick my face when I cried and made it very clear that he was going to be my side 24/7.  After each surgery,  Andy would hold Bubba and lift him onto the bed so that he could arrange himself for the duration without bumping up against some unpleasant incision somewhere.  Bubba was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease too and when living became too much for his body, I couldn’t handle my sorrow.  How could we both get hit with the same ball??

This isn’t about sadness though – it’s about connections that we make that are not necessarily human-to-human.  Connections that reflect unconditional love, no pretense or guile, devotion and trust.  The lessons we absorb about ourselves, friendship, nurturing…the laughs we are given by goofy looks,  a relentless paw, wet licks and unexpected havoc when a certain you-know-who has to get his wiggles out.  Puppy breath and Buddha bellies that just beg for a rub…growing into four-legged friends with a capacity for love and devotion that in many ways is unparalleled.  We learn how to love from many teachers and in many ways.  If you have a bad day and feel just bummed with the way the world behaved towards you – just look at your dog’s face when you walk in the door.  He’ll remind you that you’re better than all the rest…



47 thoughts on “Puppy Love – Literally”

  1. Stella, my cocker spaniel, is the world. You hit is right on the head. Nothing better then a goofy looking, innocently loving puppy. (Cause no matter what their age they are always our puppies)

    1. It really is true – they stay our puppies (though they lose that puppy smell). What a great name for your girl – I love the name Stella (makes me think of Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire”….’STELLA!!) 🙂

  2. Well, Mimi, *this* is getting reblogged on Donna and Diablo, ’cause it perfectly encapsulates the wonder of dogs! They truly are such incredible friends–so intuitive and so, so loving. I never cease to marvel at how they can make me feel like a “supahstar,” just by the sheer act of entering the room. I can be gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, it matters not. I am greeted with equal enthusiasm. Gotta love that! Big, big squeezes to the Sirs for me! Xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, it is so sweet and it made me tear up a little. We learn so much from the world around us and the people we have in our lives but the animal, those wonderful, sweet, loving animals can teach us so much with just a look or a lick.

    By the way, I love the new look of your blog with the balloons and colors – all of it looks great!

    1. Thanks! I think I like it too – it’s something different! Our animals are part of our family, and they show us so much love and ask for so little…

  4. We need a ‘love this’ button on WP. Because I do, love this – we just got a dog a year ago, at my son’s insistence, begging, pleading…you get the idea. I thank him often for having such a brilliant idea and not giving up on his parents…that he kept pushing…it amazes me how much I love that little white fluff of a mutt we call Stuart. Beautiful post 🙂

    1. I love the white fluff’s name – Stuart!! And a round of applause for your son. There’s just nothing like puppy love – no matter the age of the dog or the age of us!

  5. so, so true. i have a loo lb lap dog wanna be. stopped allowing the lap time around 70 lbs, that’s about as much dog poundage as i could handle. but he lays on my feet and looks at me with those big browns of his when it’s time for my feet to start rubbing that ‘buddah belly’ of his (such an apt description that it). would be lost with out him.

  6. Whoever said that dog are a man’s best friend….was absoooooolutely correct!! I couldnt completely read your blog as it was overwhelming for me…my best friend is not keeping well (age) and my heart sinks each day. I will never have the courage to have another her. Darn, they make you so weak from within…such soulful creatures…gift to mankind!

    1. I am so, so sorry to hear about your best buddy. I didn’t think I could stand the pain when Bubba went away. I swore I couldn’t do it again. And three days later Ozzie and Harry came home, because the absence of any love in our house was even worse. Enjoy your girl while she’s here, cherish the love that she’s brought to your life and maybe one day another wonderful love will come into your life – different undoubtedly, but wonderful nonetheless…I know how hard this is, and I’m sending you a million hugs..

      1. Awwww…:) Teary-eyed me sends you virtual hugs!! I so agree with you…I have had dogs in my eyes since I was a baby and never felt so close for anyone but her. Angelic presence she has been in my life…

      2. It’s hard to celebrate a gift like that when you are watching them slowly leave. But those angelic presences remain, in our hearts certainly, but also in how we welcome love in the future..

    1. I think a fetching cat (applying both definitions to the word ‘fetching’) is definitely trying to be worthy, and he should get major points for that!!

      1. Oh, he DOES–he even steals socks, and plays tug of war, lol. He is a Siamese, and one of their nicknames is “Thai dog.” Just don’t tell them that to their faces–as cats, they would take offense 🙂

      2. Lol – I promise to never tell…Siamese cats are really chatty too, aren’t they? So, he plays catch, talks and hangs out with you – yup, sounds pretty close to canine..:-)

  7. Yes puppys are awesome and I agree with the picture that they are better then diamonds, but hell I am not a diamond person if I had to chose between a diamond or a cute puppy I would take the puppy every times……….

  8. Beautiful story Mimi, I understand you all too well. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago my Boston Terrier Lilly was with me every step of the way. When I would wait to cry after my children went to school she would just stay right next to me as if she were holding me. And yes a few years later she was diagnosed with mammary cancer,but she was not as lucky as I. I won’t go further, but there is nothing like my fur babies.

    1. Wow Tina…what a wonderful connection you and Lilly had! I don’t understand how they know, how it affects their health – but Bubba’s results were similar to Lily’s and it broke my heart. They are our fur babies – with good reason..

  9. I’m a dog person all the way also, unfortunately we lost our girl last year. But a dog’s loyalty is ultimate and the greeting you get from them when you come home as if you have just made their day, their week, their whole life… priceless. There is a reason why there are therapy dogs and companion dogs rather than cats.

    1. I’m so sorry that you no longer have your girl with you…those good byes linger for a long time..I never thought about whether or not there were therapy cats – good point..

  10. I can’t even think about losing our Esti last October without tearing up. She was my first “motherly” love. Dogs are amazing. The only thing better than a dog is an Alice.

  11. Just loved this!! My dogs are like more children to me. One is brilliant and huge and wants to be a lap dog and the other is small…not so bright but so darn adorable –he’s my baby! Yes, a dog’s love and adoration is quite an amazing thing!

    Thanks for sharing this and reminding us all what amazing furry friends we have! 🙂

    1. They are just like our kids – and I have three that stand on two feet, not four! But for a few little facts like they lick instead of pucker…:-)

  12. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    OK, I admit, in this post Mimi had me with the photo of the Chocolate Lab pup, and her post just kept getting better! My dog Duke is a Chocolate Lab who I’ve had since he was a pup. When I’m sick, he never leaves my side sometimes for days on end (except to make a quick trip to answer nature’s call and sometimes eat a little–both of which I also appreciate!). Mimi’s whole first and third paragraphs eloquently describe Duke. It sounds as though she and I are both very blessed in the furry friends department!

  13. I love dogs as well, but currently have 2 cats. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my one cat was like your dog and never left my side…she stayed with me through every surgery, chemo, radiation and still to this day, whenever I have another surgery, she is there with me, quietly on the bed, laying next to me so we are touching, purring away my troubles.
    There’s nothing like FUR THERAPY ~ whomever your pet may be.

    1. I love the visual of your cat humming away right next to you…there really is something so soothing about a cat’s purr. You’re right of course, there is nothing like FUR THERAPY – our pets are amazing. I hope you are feeling better and stronger each day..

  14. Reblogged this on kizzylee and commented:
    some posts are so gorgeous or moving or precious that i keep them in a email folder on puter just for special posts then i can go back and reread them whenver i feel like i keep them for inspiration or to keep me grounded or sometimes to keep me sane in my busy life 🙂 this posts hits all the marks and more, its truly one of my fave posts ever! read and love this woman if you never met her, soon as you do you will never leave, love you mim

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