Steamy Saturday A.M.

The sun is going to rise in a little while, and rather than inviting us outside, will be daring us to see how long we can remain in her company.  We will see each other in brief spurts today, for I do better with relationships when the intensity knob is not always set on ‘high’.  Lately she’s been giving me a lot of heat, taking my sweat and blistering my flowers.  I think that gorgeous orb has a bone to pick with us and she’s making sure we know it.

For those of you who are spending your Saturdays with this uncensored communique from the sun, I hope your day includes cool air, wonderful music, maybe a good read and a nap, laughter and love..always love.



  1. I was on Facebook when I saw this hit the wire….the headline had me racing here to see what tale of morning delights you were going to share! HAHA LOL
    I hope you enjoy your day, spelled out just as you have. It sounds perfectly wonderful. happy saturday Mim

  2. I’m laughing out loud…I leave it to you and Kyle to articulate that which I may think which also qualifies as steamy…I should have thought that you would probably look at it and think “OMG – she’s actually gonna do something with ‘mature content’!!!!!” Sigh…maybe one day sweetie – I’m still working on exposing this much of myself! Hugs, me

    • You have called me out! ROFL. Yes, blushingly admitting I’m brazen. And that’s ok Mim…I like you just the way you are. Leave the dirty work to me and K…at least for now. I’ve seen a few surprising visits on his side of space, he may be contagious. 😉

      • Hi Kyle…You two great minds think a like..I’m happy you still liked the post, despite the alluring title. I will defer to you and Rhonda to keep the truly alluring coming (no pun intended?)..

    • You too…I tried to download a song (Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning, even though it’s Saturday it felt right) – but I’m still learning how many ways I can screw that up. It’s a good day to learn something new..Please ask Endomondo to ease up a little bit while beating up the pavement today.

    • Let us both enjoy our season while we can!! I wouldn’t mind a skosh of cool and you in turn may enjoy some slightly warmer we should enjoy what we have, right? 🙂

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