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One More Time, Happily

Yesterday I did a really stupid thing (I do stupid things on a fairly frequent basis) – I looked at my blog stats.  It was interesting to me that I have more followers than I ever thought I’d have, more ‘likes’, more comments, etc…And yet, the number of people who check out the blog on a daily basis has gone down since the crazy days of May and early June.  It bothered me – albeit briefly.  I realized that the select group of people who really do visit, are those who  have become incredibly important to me.  People who I look forward to reading and hearing from.  I anxiously await their perspectives, smile when I see their name in my inbox and welcome them with invisible hugs which are so strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if on occasion, you felt it – wherever you are.  So damn the numbers – I have some inspiring, smart, funny, humble, insecure, confident, fretful, contented, beautiful friends (even those who would argue the last point with me – you should know by now, not to do that).

And so it was ironic and timely, that my buddy Rhonda – the glorious writer of accorded me with this Reader Appreciation award.  Rhonda’s writing is a sensory treat – for it is more than the written word that is eloquently placed.  She informs her work with passion and zeal, her pictures burst with color, her laughter audible even though we are states and states removed from each other.  When you laugh with Rhonda, you laugh with your belly, and should she be having a day with tears, I find them streaming down my cheeks as well.  She knows me well – and prefaced this award with a quick message which acknowledged that she wasn’t going to call on me for one of these awards, but…

So I want to thank my friend Rhonda – for the generous praise which I don’t deserve, but will work to earn – but more importantly for her exquisite timing.  I’ve become part of a small, close, transparent community – though all that I can see of it is with my heart.


42 thoughts on “One More Time, Happily”

  1. Hi Mimi, first of all I want to thank you for your willingness to check on my Aunt for me, what a wonderful offer. But as of yesterday afternoon her power came on and she sent me a message and we talked on the phone last night.

    With that said I want to comment on your post today. Last year around this time my blog was growing monthly and I was very pleased and then in one month my hits were cut in half and then kept getting less each month for about six months. The only thing I could ever find out was that google changed their search engines in some way, but who knows. It drove me crazy for awhile and then I had a little sit me down with myself and asked “would you write if only one person saw your posts?” the answer of course was yes. I stopped looking at my stats for several months and just continued to write from my heart. Gradually things have picked up, but I no longer feel the pressure to “perform” and I am so much happier and I think my writing reflects it. So I agree with you, it is not the stats that count it is the connections we are making with those who stop by our blogs and we theirs. Have a great weekend Mimi!

    And thank you again for being such a caring person!

    1. Just know that I’m always within 30 minutes if you have any concern about your aunt. I used to live in Silver Spring, so it’s familiar territory..
      It is true – I didn’t really start this journey for an abundance of readers. I’ve never fooled myself into thinking I have anything that scintillating to say nor the agility with the language. It was a way for me to get back to myself, after years of being ‘on’ in the business world and arguably not spending a lot of time checking in on my own growth. I figured one day I would make copies and give them to the kids as another way of knowing their mom. It’s easy to get caught up in the stats – and I really don’t think I could ever write for the numbers, you know? It was a lesson learned. I hope you have a great weekend – we’re still in triple-digit heat, so it will be a dip in the pool and a lot of indoor activity for us!

  2. Mimi, you are one of the brightest parts of my everyday. I’m glad you are not (really) paying attention to your stats…I say fuck em. oops, that slipped! Anyway, the only stat I need is the one that shows waitingforthekarmatruck is at my front door or on my back porch (next time leave the truck in the driveway and walk around will ya?) waiting to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a good old fashioned girl talk, with me. I agree with your ‘timing’ assessment…I too find that the best things always happen when they are supposed to. Even though I would have loved to have had you in my life years and years and years ago…I know that this is the right time. The very best time!
    xoxo with everything i have.

    1. You are so right – this is the absolute right time. And if I could drive this truck and park it in your driveway I would. In the interim, we’ll be chatting away with wine in hand (or coffee in the morning) and marvel that life still holds some incredible cards that we have a chance to are wonderful my friend – in every which way. much love and hugs, me

    1. Thanks my friend..You have been one of those incredible people that have been gifted to me in this process (don’t roll your eyes, you know it’s true)..This message really does resonate with me – and he’s right. I care less about what I think people want me to write, though I have never had such a huge following that it became a driving motivation. But it was something that I would think about. I really no longer do (most of the time – what can I say, once a neurotic always a neurotic). I do write sometimes thinking that I’m engaged in a conversation with you or Lori or Rhonda or Simon or…and look forward to your responses almost as much as I enjoy this process of putting myself out there. Does that make sense?

  3. The numbers go up, the numbers go down, after awhile you just write. As for doing stupid things, I have a rule you can borrow if you wish, to help keep those stupid things in their place, and me from agonizing over them.
    I only do stupid things or make mistakes like typos on days that end in ‘y”
    Hope this helps keep your smiling perspective.

  4. Oh, blog stats. I cannot help but care (though I would much prefer not to). I couldn’t possibly agree more about comments from regular readers: they are little gifts, letters forming words that warm my heart every day. And that is what really matters.

    Thanks for being terrific, Mimi.

    1. Thank YOU for being one of those wonderful people in my little circle of people who I value and enjoy and look forward to reading every day…I think the ‘terrificness’ works forth ways..

  5. don’t forget that lots of folk are on vacation (we call it holiday lol) and all our numbers are down – what you have is a faithful following – i think we are better referred to as ‘worshippers’

      1. We LOVE – all in caps…if there was worship involved then you’d find out that my feet are made of clay, and my thoughts hardly evolved and then you’d have to readjust your perception of me and it would be gross and sad and ….awful. I’m going with LOVE

    1. Lol..I really appreciate the fyi about holiday time..And yet, I am really at a point where the numbers don’t matter. I love my community, my friends who engage me in conversation – through their posts or mine. “Worshippers” – You are a wonder, dear heart – a talented, funny, marvelous heart – and never would I consider these relationships analagous with worship. Love? Absolutely? Respect? Without A Doubt. Commiseration? Naturellement. But I am too irreverent to idolize anyone since the Beatles, e.e. cummings and James Taylor…hugs, m

      1. i was always a stones, hendrix, iggy, ramones, pistols, clash, worshipper myself but i’d die for james t’s sins any day – never been an e e fan but would kill for that surname
        ~ k )

      2. Well, I bow to the Stones and Hendrix, applaud the Clash with a standing ‘o’ – but stop at hero worship..I’ve actually sorta stopped most hero worship. I was denying these people their humanity..;-)

      3. I love that you use the word ‘petal’..I’ve read your comments on some other posts, and always feel that anyone who is referred to in such gentle terms is being given a special gift..Thank you…I feel very special..

  6. The blog platform is interested in getting as much traffic as they can. But this is not necessarily what you’re after. Though many people get carried away by desires for popularity, check out if the writers you particularly enjoy, are the most popular in their sector of the market. It doesn’t really mean very much.

    1. You are so right Shimon, and I think that was the lesson that I took away from wandering onto the sites stats. At the end of the day, the number has become of little consequence – these exchanges however and the posts of those I follow? These have inestimable value to me.

      1. I have to confess I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my stats (though now my curiosity is piqued and I think I will have to take a peek). I started blogging as a way to learn and grow, stretch my wings creatively. I realized that I spent a lot of time writing about and probing the creative impulses of others, yet devoted little time to my own. I thought a blog would be a fun way to “put on my sassy pants” in a sense, a place where I could write for myself rather than for a client per se. It has been that, but SO MUCH MORE. What I never anticipated was the incredible communion of souls I would find online. I head for my iPad every morning with a sense on anticipation, eager to see what goodies Mimi, David, Rhonda, Christine and others have left in my in-box. I eagerly await responses to my posts, and I am buoyed in a way that I cannot fully express by the warmth and generosity of spirit I feel within this little community I’ve been so blessed to happen upon. The friendships I have formed are a sense of wonder and delight to me, and as Mimi so rightly says, “of inestimable value.”. Ya just can’t put any metrics on that….

      2. As I look forward each day to our ‘conversations’ put this far more eloquently than I. There are no metrics that I know of that effectively measure gratitude and wonder. If there were mine would be off the charts..

  7. YOU DO DESERVE IT! And I’m amongst those who do feel the invisible hugs with the deepest appreciation. They – and warm words shared between belovéd friends – are what keeps the world turning and blessing. Thank you. Thank you. Love and a visible hug heading your way 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Simon – I just got it (the hug)..and am thankful for our friendship every day. You have enriched my life and my heart – as you have so many others in your orbit.. Friendships like this are blessings and I never doubt that for a moment..:-)

  8. Hi. thanks for the post. I too have formed cyber friendships with the bloggers who are kind enough to read my posts or comments. I have noticed since starting my own blog that the blogs that I am increasingly turning to are those with a positive message that is uplifting to me as I move through my own personal crisis (and that includes you) 🙂
    Regarding the stats, I have had problems on some days with WordPress of posts not coming through on my reader. A bit frustrating and today I have taken to going into my list of blogs I follow and clicking on each, one by one; rather than trying to scan down the reader threads. I have found this way that there are many posts that have not shown on my reader – or were delayed and then became buried by later posts – or maybe I have somehow simply missed them on a busy day. Whatever the case I have missed some of my favourites and I do not find WP 100% reliable in getting me the posts I am following; or maybe sometime they just have bad days. Of course, this will muck up all the stats.
    Congratulations on your award.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth – and I’m truly gratified that you enjoy my blog as much as I do yours..I too have found some inconsistencies with WP postings, but not that often. Anyway I really am less moved by the stats and far more by this wonderful community that now weaves its way into my personal narrative (and that includes you too!)…:-)

  9. Site stats are a tricky thing. I love to look at them but at the end of the day if I am happy with what I have put out there and I enjoyed the process, then that is enough. The comments from people, especially the ones who I have connected with, are like little hugs I carry with me throughout the day. It is the personal connections, the friendships and conversations that make the blogging experience so special to me. I imagine you have quite the group of positive and amazing people seeing how you are positive and amazing yourself. 🙂 You most certainly deserve that award.

    1. Thank you – and you’re so right..I too am far more grateful for this embracing community that has resulted in friendships and people that I care deeply about (and you of course are one – but you knew that already I think..:-))

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