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Today Is The Day

It’s the middle of the week AND and it’s a birthday – two reasons to see something wonderful in today.  Oh don’t misunderstand – I still want my power back, it is still relentlessly in the triple digits and I know if I stay outside for too long,  I may melt a few more inches (would that those inches were around my waist).  But I am here with my delicious daughter-in-law, drinking coffee and grateful that I slept for longer than three hours.  And I’m beginning to feel it again…

Perhaps sassy shorts…it’s not been the greatest of weeks so far.  Nonetheless, here are some things you may want to consider doing on your day off today…or, any day..

Find something to marvel at – anything…

Go on a date that leaves you exhilarated..

Take a nap


Decide you’re going to wake up happy (you can do that you know)

Hug someone with all you’ve got – and if you grunt ’cause you’re hugging so hard, that’s even better..

(I concede these guys don’t look like they’re hugging really hard, but I loved the picture)


Remember that joyful abandon is not solely the bastion of children – find the beat and lose yourself..

I hope you hear some great music today – and everyday





25 thoughts on “Today Is The Day”

  1. It’s so good to open up my window in the morning and see you standing outside it again. You crack me up with the shorts….still….lol Maybe you should try a skort…that way the only one who knows they are clinging is you! Sending cool and ‘power’ful thoughts your way Mim….and I love how you describe you DIL…delicious. Wow, don’t think my MIL would ever have said that about me.

    1. Well the power company says today is a ‘no go’ to – unless of course, they change their minds. Sigh…so will drive home and get some clean clothes – you’re right..maybe I should try the skort idea..!!
      And my DIL is delicious, if I do say so myself..Funny – my MIL probably wouldn’t say that about me either. Have a great day sweetie – continue to be the absolutely coolest babe in the universe – that is your mission from Heat Central. xox

  2. I know you are *rockin’* those sassy shorts, girl, clingy or not. Sending you a hug that will make you grunt and hoping that the lights go on soon. In the meantime, enjoy that wonderful son and DIL–you’re so lucky to have them. 🙂

    1. Lori, these kids o’ mine just rock the world. I know every parent thinks their kids are the most special in the universe (as parents should) – and clearly I’m no different. I will so though that everyone who meets them comes away with the same impression I have, so I can’t be off by too much maternal bias. I hope one day you too will get a chance to meet the brood – they will love you, David and your furry babes as much as I do

      1. That is on my wish list, as my Aunt lives alone and I have no way to contact her right now. I am sure she is fine. I just cannot imagine what it must be like for all of you, I will keep sending positive thoughts your way!

      2. I appreciate it!! 🙂 I know how frustrating it is when there’s no way you can check in on someone you love…I too am sure she’s fine, but being out of touch is really disconcerting…

      1. Ha! Of course, Mimi. I wouldn’t purport to tell you what sassy article of clothing you ought wear. Alice, however, has the full assortment of sassy bottoms. Hence, the many-slashed options.


        u (Alice begged, “Mom, can I press”U” for unicorn? Please? Please Mom? Can I press “U” for unicorn pleeeeease? I, obviously, said yes)

    1. I think we’d be good buddies…and I make some mean chocolate chip pancakes, which my kids STILL ask for…and I always oblige..

      1. There you have it. Evidence. I can now say I am certain The Kidling would be fond of you.

        Pancakes + Chocolate = Happy Alice

      2. It really works!!! Although my hunch is that you don’t need any tips for eternal already have that..

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