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One Of Those Nights

I’m sure you know what I mean – one of those nights which just blends into the morning uninterrupted but for about an hour or so of sleep.  Although I will undoubtedly feel the effects later today, I have to tell you – it was a great night.  No epiphanies (admittedly rare for a Jewish person to experience, but occasionally I come up with something really good);  my body continued to rebel against the stubborn heat, with more parts aching than I even knew I had;  Sirs Arch & Theodore definitively won the battle for space on the couch, allowing me just enough room for them to sprawl on top of and/or and next to me.  I know, I could nudge them aside, but I never do – I’m a ridiculous mom, even for furry, four-legged members of our family.

But here’s the coolest thing…When I walked the dogs at around 1:00 or so, I looked up at the sky.  The stars seemed to be taking their places in the black expanse as if they knew where they were supposed to be.  Everywhere I looked, they were popping out and appearing to move from one point to another, jockeying to make sure that they were in their rightful place.  A starlit sky is breathtaking, one in which the stars seem to be waking up and assuming their nighttime positions is amazing.  And it got better – the fireflies were out en masse as well.  I was out there long enough to figure out that they don’t light arbitrarily.  I think they’re playing ‘Marco Polo’.  One yells ‘Marco’, while others flit through the sky before responding ‘Polo’.  I have a hunch the game continued long after we went inside, though I was hypnotized by all of this activity for quite awhile.  The night was resplendent with light and dancing and mischievous activity.  I stood there grinning like an idiot, convinced I had just seen the most magical of sights.

So much for a sleepless night with vapid tv choices.  The view from outside was so lively and magnificent, I would have stayed out all night.  Would have of course, if the mosquitoes had been asleep.


19 thoughts on “One Of Those Nights”

  1. Congratulations dearone… While having that restless night, YOUR name was drawn in the book giveaway at ! YOU won ! yippee skippy, you are now the winner of an autographed copy of Healing Heartaches Stories of Loss and Life for the next all nighter when you find yourself not sleepin! Please get in touch so I can mail it out to you dear one… Blessings to you! drsherry

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much – what a wonderful surprise. I can’t wait to read your book and will appreciate it all the more with your autograph! 🙂 How do I get in touch?

  3. Your night sounded wonderful Mimi…I had man’s music and you had Mother Nature’s show! Next time, we’ll have to double and share it! Beautiful post. And…the fireflies? They attract mates and talk to each other that way. Very cool little creatures (for bugs).

    1. I’m tellin’ ya – we should’ve combined them – it would have been perfect!! I didn’t know that all that glowing was an attraction mechanism! There must have been a lot of firefly lovin’ going on last night – I’m just sayin…:-)

  4. Thank you for taking me with you on the ‘night-light’ walk…I could even hear the night sounds!


  5. What a wonderful scene you sketch, Mimi. I’ve had the joy of experiencing that myself with the dogs. When Beau was still being potty trained, I had LOTS of opportunities for late-night stargazing and it was incredible. The sky is just a blanket of stars–so vast, so mysterious, so magical. Indeed better than any vapid TV…..

    1. Thanks – it really was particularly gorgeous – certainly made more so by the fireflies playing much light all around. I loved it! Of course the guys didn’t appreciate it at all – they just laid down in the driveway and waited for my folly to be done.

    1. I certainly felt lucky to see it all…I realize of course that somewhere around 2:00 this afternoon I will want to fall on my face – but it was worth it!

  6. I love that firefly photo and just the word firefly makes me smile. One of the many benfits of having a dog – that final walk makes you see many things that others never will. Except for when it’s freezing cold – I would prefer not to see that! 😉

  7. Ahhh…fireflies I have only seen them on a rear occasion while visiting my Aunt in Maryland in the summer. What a magical evening, I could just picture it. Thank you for taking me there with you!

    1. It was an amazing, wondrous night and though I’m exhausted now, it was worth it. The weather tonight is supposed to be stormy, so I have no excuse to get up and go outside this evening! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the post!

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