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Welcoming Friday!

Friday’s promise – the work week  will wind down and the rhythm of the day take on a different beat.  Personal plans are made, the requirements of over-calendared days will slowly give way to individual and familial ‘shoulds’ or ‘wants’ or ‘mays’.

I’ve been struggling a little bit with my own doubt, questioning my talent for posting blogs with value.  I’m not sure I agree with the blanket statements I have read in which people have unequivocally stated that writing is purely a selfish endeavor;  that if one writes for others the motivation is flawed.  I don’t think I can subscribe to this absolute view – I for one do write with multiple motivators.  Certainly I am doing this for my own pleasure and growth, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that readership is important, your comments do delight me and make me think.  And yes, I am guilty of being affected when I have been on a small readership roll only to find an inexplicable drop in interest (or what I perceive to be interest).   The evolution of my ability is internally driven, the reception of my ability is not something I am indifferent to.  Thus my brief explanation for the questions in my head at the moment and the brevity of my posts over the past few days.

Anyway, enough of these ponderous thoughts.  It’s Friday – a great day to choose to let it go, anticipate joy and be a little silly.  For the marvelous moms who may read this blog,  Happy Mom’s Day – I hope you celebrate all weekend, because …well,  because having fun should never be confined to 24 hours… Good morning all and Welcome Friday!