The most fitting words and image for today – and one for which I take no credit. Thank you to Boblobslaw. And thank you to all who deserve our unending appreciation and remembrance today.

The Digital Garden

The Rising Sun of Hope to all of those who have served. To all of those who have lost someone, or something.

The ones still risking.
The ones still bearing heavy burdens.
The ones seeking Glory.
The ones who seek to Protect.
The ones who seek and destroy, Our enemies.
The ones who will endlessly be never-ending.
The ones who go unspoken.
The ones who are recognized.
The ones who don’t know.
The ones who are one.
We are One.

This is a dedication to our Veterans, and Active service military.

The Rising Sun is a Hope that I hope gets granted to all of those who deserve such remarkable admiration on this day.

Please spread this article, and image to all of those you know who have served, and are still serving.

The Rising Sun still gives HOPE.


This Piece of Art, and following writing was created by me…

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