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I rarely re-blog, so you should know that when I do it’s because the post has quality content that prompts thought and consideration. No one offers this up better than David Kanigan’s blog Lead.Learn.Live – 🙂

Live & Learn

What does it take to be selected as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers?  You think and write like Umair Haque.  Someone who freezes you in your tracks.  And makes you ponder deeply.  This man operates in rarefied air.  This is the second of his posts that I’ve come across from the HBR Blog Network.  Skip my excerpts below and bang on this link to read the full post: The Next Big Thing.

Perhaps we’ve gotten a little too seduced by the quest for the Next Big ThingWhile it’s certain there will be a next big thing…that will redraw the boundaries of productivity, efficiency, effectiveness — perhaps, the biggest thing we need to face next is us.”

“…Not “us” in the vague, internetzy sense of “the collective.” But “us” as in the even more imprecise, yet razor-sharp sense of what pulses through you…

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  1. As a professional organizer, I don’t find myself in the corporate world very often, however, I believe Umair’s suggestions can be used in many other settings.

    I can use my client’s total inability or disregard for organization as a display for every product in The Container Store or I can see the client as a person and enter into his world and work WITH and FOR him.

    Seeing him as a paycheck, as a reality tv character or as a person…the choice is mine.

    1. Ah, but I know you Carrie…you look at the individual always. And as much as this is a conscious choice, I think it is also the only choice for someone with your heart…:-)

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