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Rock-A-Bye Reality

As I listened to the local news this morning, I accepted Happy Mother’s Day wishes from the two anchor people, the weather and sports guys – and the commentator who provided the lead-in for the national news.   My preference of course would have been if they had been a bit more personal, for any mom could have thought that such good wishes were intended for her.  Oh….they were?  My bad.

Every mom/child relationship is simultaneously unique and similar.  Certainly the two people engaged in this impossible-to-adequately-describe love match are different from anyone else.  Two children can grow up living in the same household with the same parents and have markedly distinct experiences and memories of their  years at home.  My sister and I are thisclose and she is arguably one of the most talented, intelligent and remarkable people I know.  Our recollections of certain moments in time are so different, you would question our relationship to each other.  There is one constant though, which neither of us can deny –  I’m sure today she misses our mom as much as I do.

Because everyone needs a kiss on the ‘kepi’.  Everyone occasionally needs someone to look into their eyes and just know that something isn’t right – predictively.  Everyone needs a love that defies explanation because it is such a life force in and of itself,  and courses through the blood as a secret, sacred ingredient that is essential to your heart’s health and your soul’s well-being.  And for every mom that aches to hold her children today and can’t for whatever reason, every mom who misses her own mom today, every mom who may feel forgotten by kids wandering through a rebellious forest for awhile…Happy Mother’s Day.   This may be a manufactured holiday, but love exists whether or not it’s being marketed.  Know how loved you are today too.


25 thoughts on “Rock-A-Bye Reality”

  1. A kiss on the “kepi” sure sounds good right about now. Happy Mother’s Day my dear friend. Can’t provide you with whats missing, but I can send you cyber hugs and love. For who you are and the comfort and love you bring to the table today and everiyday – Mama knows and she’s oh so very proud of you. And, I bet there’s a kiss on your “kepi” today. I know you will feel it. Happy Mother’s Day.

    1. I know how much you miss your mom today too Jo – and how lucky and blessed we are because we are with our children today…:-)

  2. It’s not mother’s day here in the UK but I just wanted to say how touched I was by your post. Beautifully written – a reminder to us all to be grateful for what we are blessed with.

    1. Thank you so much!…Mother’s Day is a US card store phenomenon, though I think celebrations of love and reminders of how blessed many of us are need not be relegated to a designated day. So – Happy Mother’s Day to you too!! 🙂

  3. Even this guy gets a better appreciation for the true meaning of Mother’s Day from your post. You make words dance like Fred Astaire twirling his umbrella in the rain. Even though your mother can’t give you the hug that you long for today, I hope that those around you shower you with enough love, the love you so richly deserve, that the empty spot left by your mom is partially filled.

    Your mom is undoubtedly looking down at you today with pride and love and saying, “that’s my schatzi”, and “I love you Mimi”.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you sweetie – I guess that means you’re gonna be the ‘showerer’ until we see the kids later! 🙂 I love you too..

  4. Kids of all ages need that kiss on the “kepi.” Sometimes, when our moms are gone, that kiss comes from up above. I got mine already. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, dear friend.

    1. Um…and now that I know who you are Boris, I would strongly encourage you to lay off the extra work today, go out for awhile with your wife on your motorcycles (SAFELY and SLOWLY PLEASE – I can’t believe I just wrote that you should ride on your bikes), and then let me see your gorgeous self at dinner later…das vedanya baby…

  5. Very nice post and I can relate to what you said about each child remembering things so different. When my sister remembers certain things from our childhood I feel like she must have grown up with a different family than I did. Now as my children are adults I hear them experiencing the same thing with each other. 😉

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