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Welcoming Friday!

Friday’s promise – the work week  will wind down and the rhythm of the day take on a different beat.  Personal plans are made, the requirements of over-calendared days will slowly give way to individual and familial ‘shoulds’ or ‘wants’ or ‘mays’.

I’ve been struggling a little bit with my own doubt, questioning my talent for posting blogs with value.  I’m not sure I agree with the blanket statements I have read in which people have unequivocally stated that writing is purely a selfish endeavor;  that if one writes for others the motivation is flawed.  I don’t think I can subscribe to this absolute view – I for one do write with multiple motivators.  Certainly I am doing this for my own pleasure and growth, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that readership is important, your comments do delight me and make me think.  And yes, I am guilty of being affected when I have been on a small readership roll only to find an inexplicable drop in interest (or what I perceive to be interest).   The evolution of my ability is internally driven, the reception of my ability is not something I am indifferent to.  Thus my brief explanation for the questions in my head at the moment and the brevity of my posts over the past few days.

Anyway, enough of these ponderous thoughts.  It’s Friday – a great day to choose to let it go, anticipate joy and be a little silly.  For the marvelous moms who may read this blog,  Happy Mom’s Day – I hope you celebrate all weekend, because …well,  because having fun should never be confined to 24 hours… Good morning all and Welcome Friday!


24 thoughts on “Welcoming Friday!”

  1. We all have doubts. Some of us racked with them. Your ability to lay your cards on the table – be authentic – is both courageous and admirable. Do what you are doing Mimi. Your post reminds me of the kid on beach saving washed up starfish. Goal isn’t to save us all – but making a difference to one. And you are certainly doing that.

    1. Thanks David – I appreciate the words of encouragement more than you know. The analogy is apt – I would try to save all the starfish, and feel like a failure if there was one left on the beach. I’m old enough to know better. Again – my thanks.

  2. I definitely dig your blog, and get a lot out of it. I get what you’re saying though. Personally, I write because I need an outlet. If no one reads it, that’s fine- putting things in writing is therapeutic and relaxes my mind. But I definitely love knowing that people are reading and comments always make me smile. Everyone needs a little bit of validation sometimes.

    Also, that elephant is awesome. 🙂

    1. I am really glad that you like the blog – and I guess this was my day for needing an ‘atta girl’ (ok, ‘atta’ woman’). I think I was getting way too caught up in whether or not it was making a difference (a chronic theme of mine I fear). Writing in a journal, for myself is definitely one thing – but the vulnerability of putting it out there evokes a whole bunch of other stuff. Thank you for the feel-good. And know that I think your blog is pretty awesome too!

  3. Whether I look at the numbers or not really depends on the day. If I am having a good, but hectic day then I tend not to look at the number of pageviews that I have had. If I am having a not so good day then I tend to pay more attention to the numbers. Maybe I am hoping that if I see hundreds of views then my day will get better. I am sure there are some deep seeded issues in there somewhere. I do however think that I truly write for me. I would continue to post if no one read anything I wrote (but I probably would not do it every day). Don’t overthink it. This too shall pass.

  4. Your words always motivate me to think , to create, to question and to dream…your words are a gift on a cloudy day or a sunny day..

  5. Hey Mimi,

    I really enjoy reading your work. I think you are thoughtful and your language clear and articulate. I completely agree with your assessment of motivation. I write because I love it, but part of the reason I love it is that my stories can being a little bit of joy to a few people every day. I don’t have an enormous audience, but I love that a lot of my readers keep coming back. That counts for something.


    1. Thank you Christine – I really appreciate your comments and hear what you’re saying. And your writing does bring tremendous joy to those of us who have been lucky enough to ‘find’ you!

  6. Hi Mimi – Its like you read my mind. I had similar thoughts a few days back but then its people like you who like and comment on this newbie’s blog posts which motivates me to write another one. Same applies to you. If your blogs connect to few, trust me you are giving a reason to smile and food for thought 🙂

    1. You are amazing and heartwarming and I’m so lucky to have ‘met’ you in this techno-world. I really appreciate your support and understanding. You are right of course, if I derive enjoyment from this, it is enough – and one person ‘likes’ it, it is that much better. You rock! 🙂

  7. I write for myself – for myself to share every single thought that pops into my head with anyone who happens to click on my site! Does that count?

  8. I hear you I hear you I hear you…but you had the ability, honesty, to put it out there, for the me’s who would have read along and silently said, “oh thank god, ME too!’ That’s the kind of writing that resonates the deepest, at least with me, and I suspect those with whom you most wish to impact. Where was I in March and May…dang…oh, that’s right, stumbling along…late to your party, thanks for saving me a spot! 🙂 xoxo

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