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Gone Fishing

That’s not true – I don’t fish.  I like the visual though – sitting on a boat in still water, line dragging in, bobbin bobbing, silence interrupted only by an occasional gurgle caused by some minor disruption to the water.  The lapping of the water as one adjusts their seating.  I have no need to catch anything – it’s at that point that my revery turns a little discomfiting actually.

But we are heading to the mountains with the majority of our children for a long weekend.  You may remember that this is an annual treat for us all – a chance to play board games, nap, golf, spa, read and catch up with each other.  Oh, and the occasional winery thrown in for good measure.

I apologize for flying below the radar this last week, only to re-surface to write you that I’m heading out of Dodge for a little while.  We’ll leave last week in the past and when I return next week I will be back to my sort of prodigious self (well hardly prodigious when compared to so many of you, but it’s a relative thing, yes?)

I’ll be checking in while we’re gone – and maybe even squeeze out a paean to the mountains majesty and the overwhelming delight in all being in the same place for a little while.  But I leave you now with one of my favorite songs from the wayback machine…Chris Rea – enjoy and I’ll ‘see you soon’…


42 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

  1. I don’t fish either. How did we manage, moms of boys, to not fish? No matter…just glad! Have a fabulous time away and hoping that the time away with family and in gorgeous scenery is just the finishing touch you need for full restoration. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Travel save, relax, and enjoy. You will be missed xoxo

  2. Have a lovely time this weekend, sweet friend. I delight in imagining you reveling in the warmth of family and filling up your memory cup. As George Bernard Shaw said, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” May you and those you love spend your weekend among the stars….all there is..oxxox, l

    1. It really is true – when you realize that the ‘kids are alright’ and can delight in their company for awhile..It is like an earlier heaven…I’ll be checking in honey…all there is..xoxo, m

  3. I have always been perplexed as to what anyone could get out of fishing yet the video clip offers the peace and serenity I adore (and the words of the song too). So maybe the fishermen have it all correct after all. 🙂
    Have a great time away.

    BTW, how can you have a majority of two? (I thought you said in a previous post you have two sons).

    1. I have three sons (two bio-boys and one stepson who joined my life when he was four – and is now 27…;-)….That song has always brought my stress level down, and still does. Though I absolutely do not get the delight of fishing once a fish is actually caught!! Have a great few days Elizabeth!

      1. I gained two daughters-in-law and one lovely girlfriend to the familial mix…not the same, but definitely enhances my life..

    1. Thanks very much – and yes, I love his voice too…And when I was a teenager and he sang “Fool If You Think It’s Over”, I think it became my mantra for every heartbreak (or just bad day)..

    1. Thanks WW – will do…Hope all is well on your end and that you and Grampa aren’t aching for your babe too much now that you’re home (you’re home, right?). xo

      1. Yes, back home and miss the kids so much, especially little angel/devil. All is well here, very busy, and I must head back up to VT and spend time with the folks, etc. Have a glass for me, and enjoy your precious time. xoxo

  4. happy travels 🙂 am with you on the fishing. My husband likes to take our girls and I sit by and catch up on reading. Last year he bought me a fishing license (thinking he got a BOGO sort of deal) and I was bummed as it seemed to mean that after 20 years together, he didn’t know me at all! though it probably just means an optimist!

    Love that you’re heading off to hang out with your children. Enjoy the wineries 🙂 Good call on the video clip!

    1. Thanks Liz – I’d just say that your husband’s purchase was just one of those examples of hope trumping reality – and my husband would do the same thing. Silly wabbit. Have a great few days..

    1. Thanks Susan – summer really does seem to beg us to take some down time – and I feel obliged to accommodate…;-) Back in a few days – and hope during that time you too get a chance to refresh.

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