What I regret most in my life are failures of…

Once again David Kanigan finds words to amaze and humble (and if you’re like me, be moved to tears).

Live & Learn

George Saunders

READ THIS.  You will not be disappointed.  It started my day off on the right foot.

From George Saunders’ 2013 “Advice to Graduates” commencement speech @ Syracuse University:

“…Now, one useful thing you can do with an old person, in addition to borrowing money from them, or asking them to do one of their old-time “dances,” so you can watch, while laughing, is ask: “Looking back, what do you regret?”  And they’ll tell you.  Sometimes, as you know, they’ll tell you even if you haven’t asked.  Sometimes, even when you’ve specifically requested they not tell you, they’ll tell you.

So: What do I regret?  Being poor from time to time?  Not really.  Working terrible jobs, like “knuckle-puller in a slaughterhouse?”  (And don’t even ASK what that entails.)  No.  I don’t regret that.  Skinny-dipping in a river in Sumatra, a little buzzed, and looking up and seeing like 300…

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14 thoughts on “What I regret most in my life are failures of…”

  1. Reached into the soul and made it’s way into the heart. And, with all its wisdom, may even prove to be life changing. What a great way to begin the month. PS Yes, there were tears, too ❤

  2. Yes. YES YES YES YES. I’m right now living in a world that assumes malice; this could not have been more timely. LOVE. xxx

      1. BEst of all, I finally figured out how to post on your site…..I’m such a genius. 🙂

      2. Not so much, my friend. Just putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing miserably. Jury is out right now. But thank you. xxx

      3. Oh honey – we all fail miserably and happily we also soar limitlessly. One doesn’t negate the other – they co-exist and I don’t think the jury is out on your fantasticness at all.

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