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Oyez! Oyez!

Let’s just say it’s been a week and leave it at that.  No wait – let’s just say that it’s been a week and I’ve been hacked and my laptop, iPad and iPhone are engaging in acts of such exaggerated non-compliance that I am comparing them to any adolescent who takes pride in exhibiting high levels of snark.

I could go on – but honestly you get the point.   And yes, I am sitting here in my family room engaging in a modified happy dance that it is Friday.  And maybe all of this stuff will get fixed today (these are technical terms I know).

But I can’t leave the week this way.  Sir Bogey has opened his eyes, showing us the bright little gleam that suggests brilliance and wit.  If my understanding of royal baby development is correct, he actually may begin to scoot around with a skosh of intent in a few days.  Happy Friday all…




60 thoughts on “Oyez! Oyez!”

    1. I don’t even understand the languages you speak!!!! 🙂 All I know is that I was hacked, a bunch of questionable emails got sent out to a whole host of people and now I can’t get into my yahoo account. And that’s just what’s happening on my Mac – let’s not even talk about the insurgency that is occurring on my iPad and phone.

      1. That happened to me on my MSN account a while back, Mimi. The fix was to go in and change my password. It seems that I got hacked while using my laptop on an unsecure Wifi while traveling. Hope it’s fixed soon! And Sir Bogey? Soooo darling!

      2. Thanks Cathy – right now I’m locked out of my account altogether. I”ll figure this out – but geesh, just the perfect topper to a less than perfect week. As for the newest Sir? He is pretty yummy and I say that with complete absence of bias..

  1. Ack! Technology is such a beautiful thing….until it isn’t. 😦 so sorry you’ve been hacked–they *clearly* don’t know about the concept of karma, but can I just say it *won’t be pretty when their truck pulls down the driveway. Grrrr….

    On a *far* happier note, Sir Bogart is BEYOND adorable, and I can tell already that this little imp has the keys to the kingdom securely in hand, er, I mean paw. Cannot wait to meet this little dumpling….

    Wishing you a Friday that’s fresh and happy and washes away the detritus of a crummy week, sweet friend….xoxox, l

    1. Thank you honey – I take a look at the Sirs and things typically feel better – and now that we have a new addition it just makes it that much sweeter. As for the detritus of this week – I am looking forward to a garbage pickup any time now…;-) xoxo, m

  2. What an uplifting, optimistic and joyful embrace to the weekend! May the worst be behind you and the next week be filled with joy, laughter and hope. Sir Bogey is going to steal the hearts of all he meets. What a cutie pie! Thanks for the smiles and the ability to open the window on tomorrow with confidence and zeal. To the moon and back.

    1. You give me far too much credit Jo – confidence and zeal? More like a slog and a sigh…but happy nonetheless that this week is winding itself down and over. To the moon and back…xoxom

    1. He definitely helps – for as you note, he’s impossibly cute. But if I could drop kick this week through the goal posts of life, I would happily put on my football gear..

    1. What is it? The water? Seems like we were fated to a shitty week – which also means that next week has got to be better – I write hopefully. And would that we all had a dose of Jo’s optimism – though having known her almost my whole life, I know she’s just trying to get me to smile..

      1. I would like to drink some of Jo’s water–love that optimistic attitude when I cannot conjure it up myself!
        We have a court hearing on Monday which decides our future and the future of our company–so we have been a little stressed out around here lately!

      2. And my dearest friend you know me well. As for all around crappy years, this one beats all. Just trying to focus on the light and wait for the next door to open. Recognizing how many others suffered a great deal more than we did – post Sandy – makes me feel lucky in a perverse sort of way. PS I hate water :). Try not to drink it

  3. Ack!! So sorry to hear you’ve been hacked, my friend. That’s horrible! I’m so glad you have access to the mood-enhancing substance that is Sir Bogey. My goodness, but he is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! (You know I’m going to be saying that every time you post a new picture of him, right? 😉 )

    1. I keep staring at the little guy and talking to the Sirs which is the only remedy to a week like this..And yeah, he’s a pretty adorable nugget, isn’t he?

  4. I need to go back to bed now (it is just shy of 10 a.m. for me) as there is nothing today that will top that picture! Sweet! I would be doing happy dances, too, if that gorgeous pup was in my presence 🙂

    Sorry about the ugly this week. Sometimes it seems there’s no catching a break. I like the comparing of electronic devices to snarky teenagers. Clever and accurate.

    Happy weekend to Mimi!!!

    1. Thanks Liz…he’s definitely a distraction as I sit here contemplating the virtues of technology and/or lack thereof. Teenagers grow up though, and have the additional redemptive goodwill reserve of having been loving little children first..:-) Technology??? Right now I can only growl…;-)

  5. as i’ve recently learned from another impossibly cute little munchkin, these things in life that are getting on our last nerve and putting a wrinkle in our knickers….are TERBIDLE. That’s my new word for this type of week Mim…just saying it makes me feel better….so, dear SK…if it helps…it’s yours. terbidle terbidle terbidle. see? smiling aren’t ya? haha

  6. I think more than half of us. Who use technology have no idea what to do when things go wrong…I wouldn’t even know who to call and would dread the 2 hour call to India. Hope it’s on the road to recovery and that you enjoy your little precious Boggie today. xo

    1. Thanks Fran – I’m certainly appreciative of the updated pictures and look forward to taking a few of my own..As for the technology blues…what can I say? I probably shouldn’t even be trusted with this stuff – I think I emit some weird electrical field. 😉

  7. I’m detecting a hint of the Dalai Lama in that pup’s eyes. My sympathy about the hacking. Ugh. Peace, John

  8. I’m glad that you having something as adorable as Sir Bogey to help soften the blows that sometimes come with the blessings of life, Mimi. May your weekend be wonderful and the beginning of an even better week that more than makes up for this one.

  9. Mims…wow! I knew you were down, but to get pummeled why you are down, just not right. I am so glad you have Sir Bogey to cheer you and keep a smile on your face! How could he not, I keep scrolling up to look at the little face, and those eyes!! xo….to you…for a peaceful re-entry to ‘normal-land’ where just some things go wrong some of the time, not all things at the same time!

    1. Thanks BonBon..let’s just chalk this up to a bit of a bummer…all will right itself eventually. And the little Bogeyman is a treat to look at as he grows!! xoxo

    1. He’s a cavachon? Archie is a goldendoodle and Teddy is a mutt of unclear parentage…;-) (actually the vet believes his mom was a slut – I swear that’s what she said!!)

  10. I am so sorry for the bad happenings of the week. 😦 But I must say when I saw Sir Bogey….my heart felt happy….and I know that’s how you must feel as well. I hope you relax and do something special “just for you” this weekend. You need it AND you deserve it!! hugs ♥ paula

    1. Hi Paula – getting better every day…Not necessarily ready to self-indulge just yet (I’m considering independent trips down the driveway a cheap thrill), but I’m getting there. And I will say that I too sneak peeks at Sir Bogey and just feel the giggle well up from my toes. Woo Hoo!! Hugs, me

  11. sorry for all the inconvenience and frustration you had to experience. It is frustrating to have to waste time bringing things back to work because others find pleasure in hacking other peoples accounts….
    BUT congratulation and thank you that you were able to move on so quickly at least in your blog and share the bright side of life.

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