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Oyez! Oyez!

Let’s just say it’s been a week and leave it at that.  No wait – let’s just say that it’s been a week and I’ve been hacked and my laptop, iPad and iPhone are engaging in acts of such exaggerated non-compliance that I am comparing them to any adolescent who takes pride in exhibiting high levels of snark.

I could go on – but honestly you get the point.   And yes, I am sitting here in my family room engaging in a modified happy dance that it is Friday.  And maybe all of this stuff will get fixed today (these are technical terms I know).

But I can’t leave the week this way.  Sir Bogey has opened his eyes, showing us the bright little gleam that suggests brilliance and wit.  If my understanding of royal baby development is correct, he actually may begin to scoot around with a skosh of intent in a few days.  Happy Friday all…