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A Royal Birth

While the world has been waiting to hear of the birth of the future Queen or King of England, there have been very exciting happenings here at the castle.

The Knights have been in deep discussions with the King about the prospect of adding another member to the Round Table.  The King was initially quite indisposed to the idea – let’s just say he exercised vigorous veto power.  Our kingdom didn’t need more royalty, the round table seated everyone comfortably.  Then the Sirs assumed a position that could not be debated – they made room for one more.


I will say, that I spent a fair amount of time convincing the King that this was a good idea.  True, he called me ‘relentless’, ‘one-tracked’ and thankfully, ‘cute’.  I also received tremendous support from the Regal In-Laws, who prevailed upon their son to be a bit less stubborn when faced with his beloved’s meager request for one more knight..

So without further ado – please meet Sir Bogart – known around the palace as Bogey.  His name is a testament to the King’s love of golf and my insistence that any Knight that joins our round table be above par.  For they are all in my view, way above average.  


Bogey won’t be ready to come home until late August, but in the interim, we will be visiting him and taking pictures to forward along.  Given the enormity of this announcement, I frankly think that Wills and Kate’s baby is now a second page story  (at least in Vienna, VA).



77 thoughts on “A Royal Birth”

  1. Congrats, Mims!! Bogey is adorable. And I’m sure that The Sirs are very excited to be big brothers. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vishie!!! You will have to come meet him when he gets home. And yes, the Sirs will be very excited – so I keep telling them! 😉

  2. Ahhhh, my liege is wise *and* kind! The newest knight is a handsome devil, and I can certainly see why his impending arrival at the Round Table is cause for *great* celebration in the kingdom–he is *wicked* adorable! As an enamored Lady in Waiting, I humbly implore the Queen to bless her subjects with frequent updates and photos of Bogie’s progress. {curtesying now as I turn and head for PetSmart….} xoxoxoxo, l

    1. Princess, you are a part of the kingdom for heaven’s sake – and a chamber awaits you whenever your travel allows for a visit. No need to curtsy – the Knights always assume that means that someone is picking up a ball to throw. Far better to plan on just nuzzling the new guy and paying appropriate homage to his older brethren…xooxo, m

    2. Oh geez Lori..your comment is just too great! Even after a crash course in 3 seasons of Downton Abby all at once…I couldn’t come close to anything this great! Cheers!

      1. You did great, if I was *thinking* at all, I would have mentioned something about curtseying for you, m’lady! 😀 Well done!

      2. If this little guy had a clue how welcome he is, he wold be the one bowing (since I don’t think a dog can curtsy – a consequence of four little legs makes it a bit cumbersome, no?) 😉

      3. As a part of the royal court you all should know that we are a kingdom of informality…Please note the Knights sitting at the kitchen table. I say no more.

  3. So cute!! But I’m skeptical that Archie and Teddy were actually clamoring for a brother. Teddy, for one, is fed up with having to be the mature one all the time. Last thing he wants is another whipper snapper to raise. Nonetheless, Teddy is a prince .. rather, a knight…and I’m sure will be forbearing. Will young Bogey’s nose always be so pink and kinda like a mole rat? xox

    1. Laughing…a lot…No Deb your pup-nephew will not have a permanently pink nose and he in no way resembles a mole rat (but for his eyes not opening yet)…Teddy is a the knight with the greatest seniority and wisdom – look how well he has taken Archie under is paw. And as long as Archie can throw his weight around (which is impressive), his position is secure. You are going to have to come down and meet the new addition to the royal fam…After all, you are his aunt. xoxo

  4. mims my darling friend, what an absolutely adorable wee baby ^_^ i could just snuggle him all up all day i am so glad you are able to expand the family and i am sure the gorgeous little darling is already loved and oh my you are on christmas eve time now ^_^ right up until you get to bring baby home oh such a wonderful little baby i am so excited for you, my little ozboz managed to learn coming down the stairs today think i was the proudest mum ever ^_^ thank you for sharing this wonderful news mims its always lovely to here nice news and give all the dogs a hug from me loves xx

    1. I know how much you love your puppy and how much joy he brings. I get it for I’m the same way – and can’t wait to greet our new fur-kid to the rest of the family…xoxo

    1. It’s a cavachon – I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (even more so after meeting Lori’s totally loveable Lola) – but we have family members with serious allergies…so this is a cross between a cavalier and a bichon – and doesn’t shed..

      1. I thought that pretty pup looked a bit familiar. I had a Cocker Spaniel at one time…those colors too. Her name was Peach. Really sweet little precious photo of your new baby.

  5. Yay! Yippee! OMG…he’s beyond adorable! I am sooo happy for you and the Sirs too, I must add. They will be spiffy older brothers and will show Bogie the ways of the big wide open world in which they live with you and Andy! Congrats Mama Queen Mimi…luckiest little pup in all the land! xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh!! He’s so cute and I am a cat person. We got two new kittens recently, as the family was lacking something. They complete us, not to sound lik Tom Cruise. 😉

    1. Laughing – somehow when you write it, it’s more credible…Congratulations on your new additions!! I bet they are just adorable..

    1. Well, I must say that when my babies were born I was convinced (and still am) that there were nothing on this earth that could compare with their perfection. That said, in the world of puppies, yes I completely agree, Bogey has ‘adorable to the nth degree’ written all over him!!

    1. Das vadanya Aar…er…Boris..Here in Vienna, VA we have a bit of an issue with domesticating bears – and that little guy running around your house…he’s a bear??? I do like Boris though – but the name has been chosen by the King (that guy you golf with on occasion?), and he deserves his say…

    1. Go ahead – as me if my mommying instinct isn’t already on overdrive – puppy toys? Got ’em. The right puppy food? Check. Teething stuff? Puppy collar? New bowl to add to the other two? Yes. Yes. Yes.

  7. Oh for crying out loud. That is THE cutest little thing I have ever seen! I can’t wait for the pictures in the days and weeks to come! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your new precious little boy! Your other Sirs are absolutely adorable too. These guys are sure to bring you lots of smiles…..that’s what they just did for me. I had to convince my family two years ago to get my shi zu Lilah…they all voted no, but she’s here and we love her. Mother knows best..haha

  9. How exciting, another knight at the table, and such a very, very cute one! Glad the Royal Court has a photographer! Do send more photos and tell us more about sweet little Bogey and all the joy he brings to the Queen!

  10. Mimi, so cute! We have been thinking about adding another Newfi to our crew and think we are crazy but we to a dog show over the weekend and talking to a breeder.

  11. am I the only one looking at Sir Bogart and thinking “geez he looks like a handful!” Seriously he must fit in a hand now!! So adorable and what a nice addition to your Royal round table Mimi!! The King and Queen look just as excited!! Keep the pics coming pls 🙂

  12. heehee–great post, Mimi. Love how you spun it and how nice of the Royal Family to offer you such a great set-up 🙂 Cute bunch of royalty you have there. And congrats on the soon-to-be-newest member. Absolutely a headline story!

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